Team Building activities for companies in Barcelona

Are you looking for team building activities in Barcelona? Getting your team to be effective is not always about them staying longer hours in the office. A good option to promote communication between them, so that the projects are much more efficient, is through the team building in concept of excursions for companies in Barcelona.

For the adventurous: Team building activities near Barcelona

For cosmopolitans: team building activities in Barcelona city

Laberint d’Horta tour in Barcelona

Are you looking for a tour of Barcelona’s maze gardens, to discover one of the oldest spots in the city? The maze gardens of Horta

Tour of Picasso’s Barcelona

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Modernisme tour of Barcelona

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Dog tour of Barcelona

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guerra civil española barcelona

Spanish Civil War tour in Barcelona

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Musical tour of Barcelona

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visita privada por la sagrada familia

Private tour Sagrada familia

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Sports tour of Barcelona

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Tour of La Rambla in Barcelona

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Urban art tour of Barcelona

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Tour of Poble Sec

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Gaudí tour

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Leyendas Barcelona-barrio gotico

Tour of the legends of Barcelona

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Tour of US culture in Barcelona

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Tour of Passeig de Gràcia

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Tour of Barceloneta

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El Raval walking tour

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Tour of Barcelona’s markets

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Tour of Gràcia district

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Welcome tour to Barcelona

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What does Team Building mean?

Team building is a concept that is increasingly heard in all companies. The literal definition of team building is “team building” and is used to designate a set of dynamics and activities that will help team members communicate and interact with each other.

The objective of team building activities in Barcelona is to form a team, but with different strategies, based on experience. It will help teams to develop communication skills and group integration in a very natural, stimulating and fun way.

What activities to do for a team building?

There are some corporate activities for companies in Barcelona for which you won’t even have to leave the office. These tools can help you at a certain point to unblock a situation where the team is not moving towards where you want it to go.

But if what you are looking for in your team building events in Barcelona is to create group cohesion beyond a particular project, it is recommended that you can choose an excursion. Spending a day away from any responsibilities and getting to know people beyond the work they do will help you build a strong team, one that can pull together with a strong team. all projects.

These are some of the best team building team building activities in Barcelona. Choose the one you think best suits your team.

Route als 7 Gorgs

ruta 7 gorgs de campdevanol

This is an easy excursion in which you will walk, hand in hand with a guide, along a route in which you will find natural pools. The tour is spectacular and will give rise to good conversations in the middle of nature. If you do it in the summer, you can even take your swimsuit with you for take a refreshing dip a refreshing dip: one of the best activities for companies in Barcelona.

Excursion to Far del Cap de Creus & Cadaqués

escapada cadaques
paseo cadaques

This is one of the best team building ideas from Barcelona, to spend the whole day with your team. The excursion consists of two different parts. The first consists of a route along the Cap de Creus that will allow you to have some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea and bathe in practically deserted coves.

After lunch in one of the restaurants in the area you will head directly to the village of Cadaqués. town of Cadaqués. You will spend the afternoon having an ice cream and visiting the streets of one of the most beautiful villages of Barcelona and that served as inspiration to the famous artist Dalí.

Excursion to Castellfollit del Boix

excursion a Castellfollit del boix

This excursion is for those teams that like to enjoy nature on foot. enjoy nature on foot. The route has a length of 10 kilometers which will start from the heart of the village of Castellfollit. Then, you will start to go into forest roads, enjoying its natural landscape, passing by some points of tourist interest.

Excursion to La Fageda d'en Jordà

For this excursion, you will have to take your team to Olot, in the region of La Garrotxa. This area is very well known for its volcanic origin and has a beech forest full of mystery and beauty. Enter this natural reserve and let yourself be invaded by nature in its purest state.

Why choose a company excursion as a team building activity?

The excursions for companies are the best way to put everyone on the same level. In the midst of nature, both bosses and employees are equally important and that can make you iron out some of the rough edges that may have been created in your team due to long working hours.

These activities for companies in Barcelona allow you to completely disconnect from the routine conversations you have with your team on a daily basis, in order to really connect with them. Getting to know a person in their free time will give you the opportunity to get to know how they behave and think, and then get the most out of them once you get to the office.

Having a good working environment is essential to keep employees happy and if you have a satisfied team, you can achieve the most effective projects in the entire company. The production and quality go hand in hand with the wellbeing of the of the workers, that is why these activities for groups in Barcelona are one of the best options to achieve it.

How much does it cost to do Team Building in Barcelona?

Surely you have thought about hiring a team building team building activity in Barcelona, and you have been put off by the assumption that the price will be high. Depending on the experiences you choose, the prices will be different, but they will always be affordable for all budgets.

We have team building activities available from 35€ per person. So that, enjoying a good working environment does not mean having to spend all your savings.