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Hiking routes and excursions in the Balearic Islands

Let’s enjoy the paradise of the Mediterranean! The Balearic Islands are one of the most popular destinations in the world.

This beautiful archipelago in Spain is made up of 5 islands and several islets, each with an overwhelming charm that attracts more than 13,680,923 tourists a year.

A figure that shows that there is a lot to know and places to visit in the Balearic Islands.

que hacer en las islas baleares

What to see in the Balearic Islands?

If you are planning routes through the Balearic Islands there are places you definitely cannot miss. However, you should know that this archipelago is very large and there is a lot to see in the Balearic Islands and it is likely that in a short time you will not make it. So we recommend you to take a well-deserved vacation and visit it in its entirety.

Towns of the Balearic Islands

More than villages of the Balearic Islands we will name the most outstanding islands of this exotic area of Spain.

Mallorca is the largest island of the island, here not everything is beach. This island is home to the renowned Tramuntana mountain range. So here the fun and excursions in the Balearic Islands are divided between the sea and the mountains. In addition, Palma de Mallorca, its capital, concentrates one of the most important historical heritages of all Spain and is considered one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world, making it clear that the greatest variety of plans and things to do in the Balearic Islands are concentrated here.

Menorca on the other hand is smaller in size, but big in the immensity of its beaches, in addition we would dare to say that its corners have an indescribable charm, which make this an essential to visit in the Balearic Islands and is the ideal island if you are looking for plans to do with children in the Balearic Islands, here the fun is all for them.

Excursions around the Balearic Islands cannot leave Ibiza out. As it is well known this is the party island, here the discos are amazing and the parties are considered one of the best in the world.


Hiking trails and excursions in Sa Calobra

Sa Calobrais located in the municipality of Escorcain the Balearic Islands and undoubtedly it is one of the indispensable places to visit in Mallorca. Here

What to do in the Balearic Islands?

This composition of islands has a surface area of more than 4992 km². Ideal to live a well-deserved vacation and make one of the most extraordinary routes through the Balearic Islands you can imagine.

In this place you can practice all the water sports you can imagine, travel in the best boats, one of the most emblematic islands of Spain or go camping in the Tramuntana mountains, hiking and mountain sports.

In addition, the climate of this region has more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. What if visiting the Balearic Islands turns out to be your destination to live?

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