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Organized tours and excursions in Andorra

Are you looking for organized tours and excursions in Andorra? Have you been told about this small principality located between France and Catalonia, and you are researching among all the tours to Andorra from Barcelona? Then look no further, because we have below a range of different tours with local guides, each of them 100% customizable to your tastes and needs.

Our trips to Andorra

At Willy’s Plan, we have a team of professional local guides, ready to show you every corner of Andorra and the neighboring regions. In addition, we also offer different tours in Andorra you can do them as we propose them, or you can customize them to achieve a 100% tailor-made organized trip to Andorra 100% tailor-made.

All our trips are adaptable to the needs of our clients – so much so, we even adapt to the point of departure. The following starting points are available for guided trips in Andorra:

– Andorra la Vella (center of Andorra): If you are planning to spend a weekend or a few relaxing days in Andorra, whether it’s for one of its famous resorts, skiing or just a general visit, you can contact us to work out what’s best for you: either one of the planned tours in Andorra that we advertise, or a trip organised specially to suit your needs.

– Trip to Andorra from Puigcerdà: Another option we offer is trips to Andorra from Puigcerdà. We take this as a departure point because it has a direct train connection from Barcelona.

– Tour to Andorra from Barcelona: Whether you’re spending a few days in Barcelona or you live in the city and don’t have the means to travel, we can come and pick you up, so you can enjoy one of our excursions to Andorra from Barcelona. We’ll hire the vehicle for you, then it’s off you go!

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