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Routes of hiking and excursions in Lleida province

We arrive at the heart of Catalonia! Lleida is not the most renowned province, but it is one of the most important for the culture and history of Catalonia.

This province has 231 municipalities, including the capital city of the same name, spread over 12,173 km². It borders France and Andorra to the north; two important references for this province, since it is home to one of the most important mountains in Europe: The Pyrenees. Undoubtedly a very good reason to discover all the routes in Lleida province.

rutas en lleida provincia

What to see in the province of Lleida?

The excursions in Lleida take us to live experiences ranging from the relaxation provided by nature, to know very old places declared cultural heritage or have fun with extreme plans in the most exotic mountains of Catalonia. There is certainly a lot to see in Lleida and at Willy’s Plan we don’t want you to miss any detail.

Regions of the province of Lleida

Villages in the province of Lleida

There are many towns in Lleida that we would love to name, however we highlight these as the most important:

If there is one destination that you should include in your routes through Lleida, it is to visit its capital. This town stands out for its monuments, museums and for being the cultural epicenter of the whole province. We invite you to enjoy its gastronomy, it is incredible.

Balaguer is the gateway to the pre-Pyrenees, here also runs the river Segre (one of the most important in Catalonia) and fun is provided by its history and the influence of various cultures throughout its development as a people. We would say that it is one of the towns with more historical places to visit in Lleida.

Meanwhile Tàrrega retains all the medieval charm of the routes through Lleida. This beautiful town is built in the midst of history and battles.


Hiking trails and excursions in Solsona

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What to do in Lleida province?

One of the most recognized excursions in Lleida is the Cistercian Route. This tour takes you to know the most important monasteries that are still preserved in Europe and of course is one of the things to do in Lleida province.

If you want to enjoy family plans and you are looking for things to do with children in Lleida, we recommend you to do the route of the fruit trees in Aitona. The landscapes are incredible and the guided tours invite children to learn more about this charming farming practice.

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