Route and excursion by the Congost de Montrebei

This spectacular natural park located between the regions of Ribagorza and Pallars Jussà is a must-see. The route through the Congost de Montrebei is one of the most incredible in the area, as it is located in one of our favorite nature reserves, and a must-see place if you are looking for routes and excursions in the province of Lleidaand, of course, one of the best excursions to do in Catalonia.

This route runs through the natural park from the parking “La Masieta” (where we will leave our car or motorcycle) and we will start the adventure, following the Congost de Mont-rebei river , until we reach the Mont-falcó footbridges or Mont-rebei gorge.

The trip starts at the parking lot “La Masieta”, where you will find all kinds of signposted panels to start the way without any loss. If we start from this parking lot, it will take us about 3.5 km or 1hr 45min to cover the one way trip. Once there, we will go down the Pasarelas de Mont-falcó: an intrepid feat that has become one of the most important references for national hiking.

For this hiking excursion, we recommend you to be well prepared. A comfortable backpack and appropriate shoes will make the journey more pleasant. As well as sufficient food and water. At Willy’s plan we like to be very honest, so we do not recommend this route for people who suffer from vertigo, are afraid of heights, as well as people who suffer from asthma or get tired very quickly: although the trail is not difficult, it is long and can be a bit annoying if done in summer in full sunlight.

La Masieta" parking lot

The parking “La Masieta” is the ideal place to start the route of Congost de Montrebei . Besides being the most central and easily accessible, it is usually open all year round and offers an area where you can leave your vehicle. In order to park, you must take into account the following points: since parking is not allowed in either direction along the 1.5km road to the parking lot, we recommend that you leave your car or motorcycle in this parking lot. Between July 15 and September 11, it is considered high season, and therefore the cost of parking is 6 € all day. More information and reservations on the official ticket website.

It is important to note that, for the entrance to the park and for parking, there are specific timetables, since it is a protected reserve (the parking hours of the masieta can be found in the link that we have left a few lines above). So if you plan to leave from this point, you should calculate the time it takes to do the entire route, which usually if you leave in the morning gives you plenty of time to do it.

You don’t have to worry about the routes. At the information point there are maps that lead to most places in the park and you can also consult the guide of sports that you can practice in this place and their schedules. In addition, in high season you will find an information office, where you can ask questions about the route, being advised by professionals in the area.

Congost de Mont-Rebei Route

The Congost de Mont-Rebei is an important reserve that serves as a shelter for a large number of rupicolous species and European vultures, so it is protected and managed by the “Fundació de Catalunya – La pedrera”, which is in charge of its subsistence and care.

The gorge that runs through the river Noguera de Ribagorzana, is the main attraction of the path through the Congost de Montrebei, besides being a great river to practice extreme sports and enjoy many adventures. So, we have just given you two options to do the route: on foot along the river, or by kayak on the water.

In this route of the Congost de Montrebei, we will show you the easiest way to get to this natural place. We warn you that this route is for the intrepid. There is no road, railroad or power line leading to this place. Only a small path leads to the Congost de Montrebei, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places you can imagine and that you have to see if you are in the region of Ribagorça.

Footbridges or gorge of Mont-falcó

escaleras pasarela de montrebei

The Mont-falcó footbridges are undoubtedly one of the most fun and extreme attractions of this tour. After walking for about 2km on a cozy trail and totally open field, you begin to see the second suspension bridge, and behind it the entrance to the gorge.

Here the views are incredible and the fear of vertigo begins to dissipate. Gradually we are entering the canyon between huge walls that exceed 500 meters high, and we cross the bridge Canelles to plant us in the first section of the walkways. To reach them, we must first pass the suspension bridge (where just before we can stop to swim in the river, accessible from a wooden platform), climb a path to the top of the trail, and we will be ready to walk the walkway from top to bottom.

Obviously, from this point we can marvel at the incredible views of the Congost, and take photos to remember (that is, if you have the courage to go down, not everyone is capable).

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