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Barcelona Private tours

Haven’t heard about our private tours in Barcelona? Below you can explore the full range of private tours we offer in the city, led by accredited tour guides. Choose whatever most intrigues you and book your guided tour by filling in our simple form.

Start meeting the catalan city with our best Barcelona private tours,Β which will take you discover to every corner of the city.

Success stories

Welcome tour barcelona

Gothic Quarter tour

Local tour in Barcelona for 4 people in French, led by our official guide Teresa

visita privada por la sagrada familia

Welcome tour in Barcelona

Private tour in Barcelona for 2 people in English, led by our official guide Silvana

Gothic quarter tour

Sagrada Familia tour

Barcelona private tourΒ for 4 people in Spanish, led by our official guide Robert

Which Barcelona Private Tour should I choose?

History Enthusiasts

Tour of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona: Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s rich history as you explore the narrow streets and squares of the Gothic Quarter with our knowledgeable private tour guides in Barcelona by your side.

Tour of the Civil War in Barcelona: Relive the historical moments of the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona on this informative and moving tour guided by locals who know the city inside out.

Pablo Picasso and Barcelona Tour: Explore the relationship between Picasso and Barcelona on this tour dedicated to the famous painter, led by Barcelona tour guides who are passionate about art.

Legends of Barcelona Tour: Hear the legends and tales that bring Barcelona’s history to life on this narrative tour, guided by locals who are experts in storytelling.

Tour of the Biography of Antoni GaudΓ­ i Cornet: Dive into the life and work of the legendary architect Antoni GaudΓ­ on this dedicated tour, ensuring you get the most from your experience.

Art and Culture Lovers

Tour of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona: Discover the artistic treasures hidden within the historic Gothic Quarter on our engaging tours, guided by Barcelona tour guides who are passionate about art and history.

Pablo Picasso and Barcelona Tour: Marvel at the artistic legacy of Picasso in Barcelon and a city that influenced his work.

Modernism in Barcelona Tour: Marvel at the wonders of Catalan modernism as you visit iconic buildings, led by our private tour guide in Barcelona who is well-versed in the city’s architectural history.

Urban Art Tour in Barcelona: Admire the vibrant urban art scene of Barcelona on this exciting tour.

Tour of the Biography of Antoni GaudΓ­ i Cornet: Delve into the artistic genius of Antoni GaudΓ­ and his architectural masterpieces.

Adventure Seekers

Forbidden Mysterious Barcelona Tour: Uncover the hidden mysteries and secrets of Barcelona.

Sports Tour in Barcelona: Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s sports culture by visiting stadiums and sports-related landmarks.

Tour of the Rambla of Barcelona: Dive into the vibrant energy of La Rambla, Barcelona’s famous avenue, and discover the best spots for entertainment.

The Dog Tour in Barcelona: Explore Barcelona from a canine perspective on this unique and fun tour, guided by locals who understand the city’s pet-friendly attractions.

Tour of USA BCN: Designed for American visitors, this tour provides an insider’s view of Barcelona’s highlights, understanding the preferences of American tourists.

Foodies and Culinary Explorers

Barcelona Markets Tour: Dive into Barcelona’s culinary scene with a visit to its colorful markets, discovering the freshest ingredients.

Why choose us?

20+ Official Tour Guides in Barcelona

Trust in our team of over 20 official tour guides in Barcelona, ensuring an exclusive and luxurious experience. Their expertise makes for unforgettable local tours in Barcelona.

Uncompromising Quality

Expect nothing less than top-quality information from our guides. They are well-versed in Barcelona's intricacies, offering an exclusive and luxurious tour experience.

Local Expertise

Our guides are locals, intimately familiar with Barcelona's neighborhoods, people, and unique charm. This local insight offers authenticity and depth to your local tours in Barcelona.

Small Groups, Premium Experience

Enjoy a personalized journey with small tour groups, led by a personal tour guide in Barcelona. This intimate setting allows for questions, engagement, and an elevated tour quality.

Our vision

At Willy’s Plan, our vision is driven by three fundamental values that guide every aspect of what we do: professionalism, a warm and familial atmosphere, and a commitment to being your preferred choice for local tours in Barcelona and beyond.


We provide top-notch, value-added travel information and services.

Warmth and Familiarity

We embrace you like family, creating a natural and comfortable atmosphere where you feel right at home.

We Want You to Return

We aim to be your lifelong travel partner, creating memorable adventures together.

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Customers reviews

Only satisfied customers

Phillippe was excellent. We learned so much in our tour today. Saw some awesome sites I highly recommend this tour not only for first time visitors but also if you have been to Barcelona before. It was such a great day and ended with a delicious glass of Sangria. Kudos to our tour guide!!!!!
Our guide informed us very well about the historical development of Barcelona and led us to buildings and courtyards that we would have discovered only through intensive reading alone. The meeting point was well explained and one day before our tour guide also emailed us his phone number.


If you’re coming to Barcelona for the first time, we strongly recommend you choose our welcome tour of Barcelona, so you can find out about the great Catalan city, its origins and history, starting from the very basics.

We have created an itinerary for each of our tours. Nevertheless, as these are private tours, each of our guides adapts to the needs of participants, customising tours to their wishes.

Of course! All you have to do is contact us through the form below, so we can read your proposal and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Of course! If you want a private tour of the city of Barcelona in any kind of special vehicle, just email us at “” or use our contact form below.

Any questions? Contact us!

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