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Street art Barcelona tour

tour arte ubano barcelona

Embark on a fascinating journey through Barcelona’s vibrant street art scene with our exclusive Street Art Barcelona Tour. As a city known for its unstoppable march of avant-garde art and cultural prominence, Barcelona competes with European capitals on the forefront of creativity.

This specialized art tour goes beyond graffiti, showcasing murals, stickers, wheatpastes, stencils, and various forms of urban art that transform the streets of Barcelona into an open gallery for everyone to enjoy. Led by a local guide, you’ll uncover the hidden secrets of Barcelona’s urban art scene, gaining insights you might otherwise miss.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic street style, graffiti, and diverse artistic expressions that make Barcelona a unique canvas of creativity. Join our Art Tour in Barcelona for an unforgettable exploration of the city’s ever-evolving artistic landscape. Book now and discover the captivating world of Street Art in Barcelona.

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Duration ⌛: 2h30m

Available languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

Explore the dynamic world of urban art in Barcelona with our specialized Street Art Barcelona Tour. The city has always embraced the latest trends in this vibrant artistic realm. Join our walking tour, where our guide will unveil the current urban artistic expressions flourishing in the streets and squares of the Catalan capital.

During your tour, immerse yourself in the works of iconic artists who left their mark on Barcelona, including Joan Brossa, Jaume Plensa, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and Josep Maria Subirachs. Additionally, discover the compelling work of emerging artists who use street art as a medium to express their perspectives on society.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the evolution of Barcelona’s street art scene. Book your Art Tour in Barcelona now and explore the rich tapestry of urban artistic expression in this dynamic city. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the vibrant streets and squares that showcase the diverse and evolving world of graffiti and street art in Barcelona.

You can hire a Street Art Barcelona Tour starting at €199. The final price will depend on the number of people in the group. The guides who lead the tours are accredited professionals who have the necessary training to answer any questions you have for them on the tour.

*Dollar prices are approximate depending on fluctuation

Adults Low Season (from October 1st to April 30th)

People Total Price (Price x person)
1 person 199€/213$ 199€/213$ person
2 people 178€/190$ 89€/95$ person
3 people 267€/295$ 89€/95$ person
4 people or more 70€/75$ person

Adults High Season (from May 1st to September 30th)

Persones Total Price (Price x person)
1 person 302€/322$ 330€/322$person
2 people 271€/289$ 136€/145$person
3 people 406€/432$ 203€/216$person
4 people or more 107€/114$ person

Children (up to 11 years old)

  • Free

For large groups of 10 people or more, please contact us privately via form, email (, or whatsapp.

Embark on an immersive Street Art Barcelona Tour that goes beyond the iconic monuments and architectural wonders of the city. This tour is a journey into the vibrant world of street artists who use their creations to voice their opinions and engage with society.

Our guide will lead you through a leisurely stroll in the southern part of Barrio Gótico, El Raval, Poble Sec, and Montjuïc, unveiling the hidden gems of street art. As you stop in front of each artwork, the guide will provide insights into the artist’s identity and the powerful messages conveyed through their pieces.

Discover Barcelona’s street style and graffiti scene with our Art Tour in Barcelona. Book your tour now for an enlightening experience that delves into the expressive and thought-provoking world of street art in the heart of the city. Explore the voices of street artists and the impactful stories behind their creations.

The tours are carried out in two time slots:

  • Morning: 10.30 a.m.
  • Afternoon: 4.30 p.m.

Cancellation of this tour is free of charge, provided you do it up to 48 hours before it starts. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the tour starts or do not show up, you will not be refunded.

Tour language

We have guides who can give tours in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

What does the tour include?

The price of the tour includes a 2-and-a-half-hour art tour in Barcelona, guided by an expert local guide.


The duration of the tour is 2 and a half hours.

How late can I book?

You can book your urban art tour up to 24 hours before it begins. We recommend that you book a little further in advance to ensure that we have guides available to accompany you on your tour.


This tour is accessible for people with reduced mobility.However, we recommend that you let us know about this when you make your booking, so that we can be 100% sure that the tour is fully accessible.


The tour is is pet-friendly.

Book your tour

Meeting point:

The meeting point will be Drassanes metro station (on the L3 line).

How to find us

You can find us at the exit to Drassanes metro station. To get there, get off at Drassanes metro station (on the L3 line) and go out into the street. Your guide will be waiting for you there.

The guide will have already contacted you with more details if necessary. In addition, we will provide your contact number and your name, so that we can contact youin case you cannot find each other.

Toni Bruc
Verified review
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Have a nice walk through the city's districts, enjoying the street art!
Marcos A.
Read More
Delighted to be able to find out about the old masters that were there and also the emerging artists, thanks to the guide.
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Delighted with this tour, very entertaining.


Explore the beating heart of Barcelona’s culture through our Street Art Barcelona Tour—the ultimate way to uncover the city’s living and breathing art scene. Forget about the confined art in museums that tells a specific tale at certain points. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art that shapes the city’s culture today, laying the foundations for its ongoing narrative.

Our Art Tour in Barcelona is your firsthand ticket to understanding what makes this city tick. Join us on a captivating journey through the streets, where every mural, tag, and piece of street art contributes to Barcelona’s dynamic and evolving cultural landscape. Book your Graffiti Tour in Barcelona now for an authentic encounter with the artistic soul of the city.

You do not have to tip the guide at all, since the price you will pay for the tour already takes into account his work.

The art tour of Barcelona is one of the most interesting tours for getting to know the city, but Barcelona is not a city that you can get to know in one day, so we are going to show you some more tours to take on your holiday: Tour of Mysterious Barcelona, Tour of Barcelona’s Markets, Tour of the Civil War in Barcelona, etc.

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