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Hiking trails and excursions in Barcelona province

Welcome to one of the most spectacular provinces of Catalonia, “Barcelona”. Among the many
things to do in Barcelona
without a doubt is to have fun from start to finish. Thanks to its incredible leisure and tourism offer, this province is one of the largest in the region, covering an area of 7,726 km² and is undoubtedly one of the most visited by tourists in search of excursions in Barcelona province throughout the year.

rutas y excursiones barcelona

What to see in the province of Barcelona?

The province of Barcelona is indescribable. Here you can visit places surrounded by mountains, embraced by the enchanting Pyrenees, to the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coasts. In this province the fun never sleeps and there are certainly many places to see in Barcelona. So if you are looking for excursions in Barcelona province, at Willys plan we have something for you.

Counties in the province of Barcelona


Hiking trails and excursions in the Garraf area

Experience the Garraf enjoy an exceptional adventure on the most exclusive coasts of the Mediterranean. If you are looking for alternative plans once you’ve already

Towns in the province of Barcelona

It would be very difficult to choose among all the villages in the province of Barcelona, but we try to mention the most special ones:

Sitges is undoubtedly the little Greece of Catalonia, glamour and good taste come together in one of the most sophisticated coastal towns in the Mediterranean.

If we go to Mura, we will find a charming medieval village, renowned for its exquisite cuisine.

In Tavertet, we will enjoy the best mountain plans and incredible views of the mountains.

And of course in Barcelona city, we will be delighted with all the architectural and cosmopolitan magic of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Hiking routes and excursions in Manresa

In our constant search for plans for Catalunyaon this occasion we went to the region of the Bagesthe corner where the rivers Llobregat and Cardener


Hiking Routes and Excursions in Berga

Welcome to the gateway to the Catalan Pyrenees!… a town that unites mountains and plains. Berga is located right at the beginning of the Pyrenees


Hiking Routes and Excursions in Rupit

Live a two in one experience! Rupit i Pruit are two urban nuclei belonging to the region of Osona and unified in 1977. What unites

What to do in Barcelona province?

Of the many excursions through Barcelona province and its counties, each one is always very different for us. This is because the landscape in this province is very changeable. You can be enjoying the sea, while in a few hours or go up to the Pyrenees and enjoy a mountain climate.

In addition we have always considered that the routes in Barcelona are incredible for the little ones. That is why it is the family destination par excellence, due to the many things to do with children in Barcelona, ranging from routes through the mountains to unforgettable vacations on the beach. You choose, visit the province of Barcelona and live Catalonia to the fullest.


Excursion from Gallifa to Mura

If we move away from Barcelona city (but without leaving the list of hiking routes and excursions in the province of Barcelona), there are many


Excursion from Montcau to La Mola

In Willy’s plan we chose one of the most important destinations, which is obviously part of our offer of routes and excursions in Barcelona province,


Route from Castellfollit del Boix to Cogulló

Castellfollit del Boix is located southwest of the region of Bages, forming part of our routes through the province of Barcelona. This municipality is characterized


Route from Granera to Pantà del Marcet

This small rural village located in the region of Moianés, is simply fantastic. It is like traveling back to medieval times in the 21st century.

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