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Route from Morro de l’Abella to Mirador de Vilanova de Sau

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On this route from Morro de l’Abella to the viewpoint of Vilanova de Sau, we will visit the northwest of the province of Barcelona. More precisely, we rank this excursion as one of the best in the world. routes to do in Osona.

A route to enjoy the outdoors, whether you are planning a getaway with children in Catalonia, or you need a relaxing weekend getaway. In addition, if you are more adventurous and like extreme sports, it is the perfect place to do the best hiking trails and one or another water sport..

One more reason to discover the lands of the province of Barcelona, and enjoy all the natural landscapes, viewpoints, and charming villages that this area offers.

In fact, it is in this area where we have chosen one of the best excursions to do near Barcelona, where we present the route to the Salt de Sallent.

In this Willy’s plan, we propose a 3-stop route that will connect you with nature and allow you to enjoy the fascinating landscapes that the Catalan lands have to offer. A plan designed to be done in one day and enjoy all kinds of company.

The Morro de l’Abella: this first stop, is a viewpoint that lately has become quite popular, as you can appreciate incredible views of the Pantà de Sau.

To reach this place, we recommend you to do it by car. To reach the viewpoint, you must leave your vehicle in a sandy parking lot, right next to the road, and from there you can continue on foot to the viewpoint.

The village of Tavertet: In this small and charming village, we will stop for lunch, and then take a walk around and observe the magnificent views of the Pantà de Sau.

The viewpoint of Vilanova de SauFrom the path that starts from the Mirador de Tavertet, we will begin the walk of just half an hour, until we reach this incredible viewpoint, which will offer us another scenic perspective of the same swamp.

Morro de l'Abella

ruta al morro de l'abella
excursion al morro de l'abella

Probably the Morro de l’Abella you may be a little familiar. The popularity that this natural viewpoint has gained in recent years has attracted new visitors, who are looking to admire the Sau Reservoir from the heights.

And it is no wonder: this area of the Osona region is simply amazing. We highlight the peculiar medieval villages and a myriad of attractions that unfold in natural environments, full of wildlife and animal life. An ideal region to choose outdoor excursions and enjoy plans with the family.

The best thing about this first stop is that it is located very close to the city of Barcelona, just 1 hour and a half away. It is only passing the village of l’Esquirol, and a few kilometers away we will find the parking lot that will bring us closer to the area of the Morro de l’Abella.

Once there, it’s just a matter of enjoying the fresh air, relaxing and taking in the best views of the marsh. So we recommend you to check the weather and make sure that the day will be clear.

Town of Tavertet

ruta por tavertet
excursion por tavertet

When you are between the Collsacabra mountain range y Les Guilleries, is a great fortune for this village in the province of Barcelona.. Tavertet enjoys wonderful views and is considered the village with the most beautiful views in the whole area. And it is no coincidence that we have selected the previous stop as one of the best viewpoints in Catalonia.

So the best plan for this small medieval town, besides visiting its colonial charm, is to enjoy the views it offers. So we will spend the afternoon visiting the viewpoint of Can Xicou, which is located in the middle of town. Giving us views of the town and the mountains.

The second viewpoint we will visit is the Miradora. This is located facing the Sot de Balá valley and the waterfall of Molí Bernat. Undoubtedly, an ideal encounter with the imposing nature of this place.

And if we are not pressed for time, we will make a worthwhile tour, visiting the old town. Taking a look at the churches of Sant Cristófol and Sant Miquel de Sorerols.

Finally, we propose you to make a tour of the most emblematic buildings of this place: “the farmhouses”. We will walk around the casal del Avenc, the pedrera, the Baumes and the Sobiranes farmhouse.

Viewpoint of Vilanova de Sau

ruta por el mirador de vilanova de sau
excursion mirador vilanova de sau

As if it were a wonderful landscape that you will never forget. This is what the Viewpoint of Vilanova de Sau. Located in Pla del Castell, in the village of the same name. This viewpoint offers incredible views of the Sau Reservoirfed by the Ter river.

The favorite place for hikers and the village bathed by waters. This is how they describe it for tourism. Since, in its route, many athletes not only enjoy the scenery and the way to the top, but also boast of having one of the largest natural water reservoirs in Catalonia.

A place to dream, admire a dazzling sunset, and take the best pictures you have ever imagined.

Although the hiking trails are signposted, there are many alternate routes that can launch you into the adventure: the important thing is to always take the same path, both on the way up and on the way back, as the place is very large and we do not want to get lost along the way.

And as a curious fact, legend has it that in the waters of this swamp lies an entire village. The ancient village of Román de Sau, considered one of the jewels of the history of Spain, which were submerged in the depths.

A last stop, which recharges us with the best fresh air, the indescribable smell of plants and connects us with a real story.

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