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Organized one-day excursions from Barcelona

Are you looking for organized day trips from Barcelona to get out of the routine and make a different plan with your group of friends, family or colleagues? Here we offer you several one day coach excursions from Barcelona to get to know a new natural place, while you get back in touch with nature to get to know a new natural place, while you get back in touch with nature, and spend a great day in the most original way possible.

You can book now one of our tours from Barcelona, whether you are thinking of doing it for a birthday, a special event or you want to give this experience to someone you love. You will have a private guide just for you, who will accompany and guide you along the way.

How do these day trips from Barcelona work?

These day trips from Barcelona are made for closed groups, that is, if you are a group of more than 4 or 5 people, you will only have to choose the excursion that you like the most, and send us the request through the contact form so that we can organize together any of the day trips from Barcelona that you want to make.

So, our recommendation is that you take a look at each of these excursions organized from Barcelona, and decide between you the one you like the most. All of them are easy level excursions in which you will enjoy the journey, as well as we will enjoy accompanying and guiding you.

It will be a pleasure to go hand in hand on any of the tours from Barcelona that you choose.

Route als 7 Gorgs

ruta 7 gorgs de campdevanol

This is an easy excursion in which you will walk, hand in hand with a guide, along a route in which you will find natural pools. The tour is spectacular and will give rise to good conversations in the middle of nature. If you do it in the summer, you can even take your swimsuit with you for take a refreshing refreshing dip.

Excursion to Far del Cap de Creus & Cadaqués

escapada cadaques
paseo cadaques

This is one of the best team building ideas from Barcelona, to spend the whole day with your team. The excursion consists of two different parts. The first consists of a route along the Cap de Creus that will allow you to have some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea and bathe in practically deserted coves.

After lunch in one of the restaurants in the area you will head directly to the village of Cadaqués. town of Cadaqués. You will spend the afternoon having an ice cream and visiting the streets of one of the most beautiful villages of Barcelona and that served as inspiration to the famous artist Dalí.

Excursion to Castellfollit del Boix

excursion a Castellfollit del boix

This excursion is for those teams that like to enjoy nature on foot. enjoy nature on foot. The route has a length of 10 kilometers which will start from the heart of the village of Castellfollit. Then, you will start to go into forest roads, enjoying its natural landscape, passing by some points of tourist interest.

Excursion to La Fageda d'en Jordà

For this excursion, you will have to take your team to Olot, in the region of La Garrotxa. This area is very well known for its volcanic origin and has a beech forest full of mystery and beauty. Enter this natural reserve and let yourself be invaded by nature in its purest state.

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