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Discover the best routes and excursions in Catalonia

At Willy's Plan we are passionate about Catalonia

We are a team of professional tourism and nature lovers, experts in both city tours and routes through the most incredible natural areas of this region. With each excursion, we will take you off the beaten tourist track, exploring hidden treasures and sharing with you local stories that will make you fall in love.


Are you coming from far away to visit the Catalan capital? Book one of our private tours in Barcelona now, and learn all about the history of the Catalan city from our official guides through Catalonia.​

Nature excursions

Do you want to discover the more local side of Catalonia? Do it now with one of our local guides, who will take you to discover the most hidden natural spots with one of our organised excursions from Barcelona.

Private groups

At Willy's Plan, we only offer sightseeing tours and personalised excursions for private groups. Always accompanied by expert guides, you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest and ask us anything you want, the best experience guaranteed!

Our private city tours in Barcelona

Labyrinth park in Barcelona

Are you eager to explore the enchanting maze gardens of Barcelona, including a tour of Parc del Laberint d’Horta, one of the city’s oldest gems?

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Picasso Tour in Barcelona

Are you searching for a Picasso Tour in Barcelona to delve into the world of this revolutionary artist who transformed the realm of painting? Pablo

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Modernism tour of Barcelona

Are you in search of a captivating Modernism tour in Barcelona to explore the city’s iconic Moderniste architecture and delve into the artistic movement that

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Dog tour of Barcelona

Are you looking for a tour that looks at the link between pets and the city of Barcelona? Barcelona is a pet–friendly place. According to

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Musical tour of Barcelona

Are you looking for a musical tour of Barcelona, to learn how this art form has influenced the city? Artistic expressionis one of the decisive

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Discover the best ideas and places to visit in Catalonia

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