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Route from La Foradada to Salt de Sallent

Rupit is a charming village in the Osona region a small village of rustic streets and stone houses is located in the heart of Catalonia. Rupit has ceased to be anonymous, so each year receives more tourists, who are interested in the history and culture of this beautiful town. Making it a very good choice of if you have already visited  best things to do in Barcelona.

To make our route from La Foradada to Salt de Sallent, we recommend you to bring a swimsuit and good food for the road, also this route is recommended to do it by car, although there are several transportation options. As summer approaches it is more difficult to find parking, but don’t worry, the parking area is very well organize.

We will start by visiting La Foradada near Cantonigròs, where we will come across a refreshing natural waterfall surrounded by nature. The access to this place is relatively easy and it is suitable for small children, elderly people and dogs. The free parking lot is quite large and you can see it right at the entrance of the road and has services for swimmers.

Secondly, we will visit Rupit. This beautiful and cozy village has many restaurants and a suspension bridge that you cannot miss. We will also visit a church and small circuits for a walk in the surroundings.

Leaving the village, walking along one of its trails, we will arrive at Salt de Sallent: an impressive waterfall. From Rupit to the waterfall viewpoint, the path is easy and practically flat, as most of the time it runs parallel to the river. This path lacks a small indication on how to join the beginning of the waterfall (from above) with the viewpoint that allows you to see the entire waterfall from the front. But it’s just a matter of following the path (even if it looks like you’re walking away) and following the people.

La Foradada

salt d'aigua la foradada

La Foradada is one of those places that you fall in love with at first sight. This beautiful waterfall drops amidst high rock walls and incredible vegetation. The place is very cozy to take a bath, and it is usually very fresh and secluded. Ideal for cooling off on a hot summer afternoon.

When you are in this place, be sure to climb up to the hidden part of the rock, right at the top. From there you can appreciate the waterfall, walking on the solid rock bed of the stream.

Here we will spend most of the morning and walk the trail that leads to a small jungle that is intermingled with vegetation and some trails. A fun option to encourage children to explore the area.

Town of Rupit

ruta por rupit

As a second place, we chose Rupit . This village is ideal to enjoy a day with the family, share with friends or take a walk as a couple. Most of the streets of this municipality are pedestrian, so the favorite plan of many is to take endless walks in the middle of its medieval charm.

If there is something you can not miss in Rupit, is to visit the suspension bridge. This bridge connects two nearby towns and is undoubtedly the most fascinating aspect of this construction. The most beautiful thing is its medieval design that manages to connect with the tradition and history of this beautiful town.

Other places that we invite you to visit are: the Church of San Juan de Fàbregues, a walk through the mills and , of course, the Fossar Street.

Salt de Sallent

ruta salt de sallent

Welcome to the highest waterfall in Catalonia. The Salt de Sallent is one of the most beautiful wonders we have discovered in this region, with its more than 115 meters high in vertical fall, this beautiful waterfall gives us one of the most impressive waterfalls we have ever seen.

To get to this waterfall we recommend you to leave the car and walk from the village. To do this they must pass the suspension bridge and head towards a small tunnel, to start the way to the Salt de Sallent.

Once we get further away from the village, the views become more and more incredible and just when we come across the waterfall the photograph becomes unforgettable. It is right here where we recommend to take out the camera and leave the best memories of this route.

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