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Route from Penelles to l’Hotel Terradets

In this excursion we will enter the province of Lleida in the middle of the Noguera region. and the spirit of Penelles . In addition, we trace this route from Penelles to Hotel Terradets, so that you have many more reasons, places and routes in Lleida during a weekend. We hope you like it…

This route from Penelles to Hotel Terradets is ideal to be done during the weekend. To start (on Saturday) we will visit a village that hides secrets that few know, we will enjoy breathtaking views, while visiting an important tower and finally we will stay in one of the best 3 star hotels in the area.

The next day (Sunday), you can link it with our route of the Congost de Mont-rebei that is incredible and coincidentally is 40 minutes from the hotel. Undoubtedly 2 plans in one weekend that you can not miss.

Penelles: this small town of only 460 inhabitants, is distinguished by having on the walls of their houses, giant handmade drawings by artists and painters recognized in the region. And although it is a little known place, it attracts more and more curious people who come to take pictures in these murals and are encouraged to learn about its history and tradition.

Barony of Sant Oïsme: it is one of the most incredible defense towers in the lands of Lleida. This curious tower is built on a rock, at the top of the Camarasa reservoir. This building can be climbed free of charge and has access to magnificent views of the village.

Hotel Terradets: this 3-star hotel is located on the Terradets reservoir. In which you can enjoy its swimming pool in summer, entertain yourself in its recreational areas and where you can enjoy the excellent views of the reservoir, while you relax and take a break.


poble de penelles i graffities

To begin with we will visit the charming village of Penelles . This beautiful village stands out with all its rural charm, this is due to the large amount of agricultural crops and vineyards that are deployed throughout the area.

If there is something very representative of Penelles, are the murals that fill the houses of its streets and is one of the reasons why it has become very crowded in recent years. It all began as an artistic and cultural proposal of the Murals and Rural Art Festival, the Gar Gar and is the reason why today it has become the tourist attraction par excellence.

But not everything is murals … Penelles also has many heritage attractions that are part of the tradition of Catalonia, so we invite you to take a walk through these and so you can learn a little more about the history of this magical medieval village.

Barony of Sant Oïsme

In our second location, we will be moving to the community of Baronygoing towards the Camarasa reservoir, where we will find the Barony of Sant Oïsme. This tower, as well as the architectural ensemble that surrounds it, was built on the rocks at the top of the mountain and is undoubtedly the reason why many curious people come to visit it.

However, the history of the Barony of Sant Oïsme tells that it was built around the year 1095 and initially consisted only of the castle and a small church that became the most important of its inhabitants. It was with time, when the town was affected by the conquests that this particular tower was designed. For this purpose, its builders sought the highest point in the stones to obtain a better peripheral view of the village and to be able to protect the villagers from the mountain. What is certain is that today it is also one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the whole area and gives us the best views of the region of Noguera.

Hotel Terradets

hotel terradets a lleida

For accommodation on this route, we chose the Hotel Terradets . This beautiful 3-star gastronomic hotel is located on the road to Balaguer and is a great starting point for excursions in the area. It also has numerous services to enjoy the lodging and to be able to recreate its guests during their visit.

In the summer season it is great, as it has a swimming pool and there are many fun activities for children (if you decide to take a few days with the family). On the other hand the food is great (in fact it is the most characteristic of this hotel) and not to mention the vast majority of routes and excursions around Lleida that leave from this place, are phenomenal. If you decide to stay at this hotel, don’t forget to make your reservation in advance. As for the rest, don’t worry, the adventure is just beginning.

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