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Hiking trails and excursions in Solsona

Welcome to the village of the charming farmhouses. Located in the interior of Catalunya, Solsona is one of the most emblematic villages of the Catalan culture, here tradition is preserved and naturalness is breathed. And of course, it is one of the destinations that you must include and the best hiking routes in Lleida.

Enjoying excursions in Solsona can be a great plan to share with friends, a romantic date with your couple or even if you are looking for what to do with children in SolsonaWe recommend rural getaways that are very simple and are an adventure for the kids.

What to do in Solsona?

excursiones solsona

As it is a village not very crowded by tourists, it still allows you to get to know its culture and get closer to the lifestyle of its inhabitants and if you happen to catch a holiday for the date of your trip, it would be a great tip, since it is one of the villages where most popular festivals are celebrated; guaranteeing that there are many things to do in Solsona throughout the year.

What to see in and around Solsona?

If we talk about history and tradition there are many places to see in Solsona and that are an experience for those who like to delve into the culture and tradition of the places they visit.

One of the routes through Solsona and that without a doubt you can not miss, is to walk through its old town. Here just let yourself, encourage you to get lost in its streets, dedicate enough time and enjoy a good snack in the small restaurants in the area.

Other of the excursions in Solsona you must do is to get to know the sanctuaries and religious monuments. Among the most outstanding is the Sanctuary of the Lord’s Valley, the church of Sant Esteve d’Olius, which is located in the monumental complex of Olius, near Solsona.

Another place to visit in Solsona is the Salí de Cambrils, the only salt mountain in Catalonia. Here you will live a saltwater experience very similar to that of the renowned Dead Sea. Learn how salt was extracted from this region, while you relax with an incredible therapeutic bath. What are you waiting for? There is a lot of what to do in Solsonaso we invite you to discover it for yourself.

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