Excursion from Son Marroig to Sa Foradada

If you are looking for routes and excursions in Mallorca, we would dare to say that this is a place you cannot miss. The viewpoint of Son Marroig, also known as “el Galliner”, is one of the most essential places to visit in Mallorca and of course… at Willy’s plan we won’t let you miss it for anything in the world. So make yourself comfortable, this route has just begun. And in the Sierra de Tramuntana there is a lot to do.

To get there we can do it by car or bus, but we recommend the second option, since in summer the parking lot is usually very crowded and it can be a little difficult to find parking and what we want is to make the most of the time. This tour can take between 2 to 3 hours, the time and dedication that you put into the route is up to you.

On this occasion we will wear hiking shoes, because we will do the tour on foot, besides being very easy to do, it is ideal to enjoy the scenery and the exceptional beauty of this part of the island.

Many times taking the risk is worth it… that’s why Son Marroig also offers an option for the more adventurous. If you are one of them, dare to climb! It can be a somewhat complicated experience, since in some cases the narrowness of the road and the height of some sections can be a little dizzying. But upon arrival it is well worth it, and you will be able to visit the famous hole of Sa Foradada, one of the major attractions of the Mallorcan coast.

Come and enjoy with us an excursion that will take you to know Son Marroig, Na Foradada and the Restaurant Mirador Na Foradada; an experience full of relaxation and tranquility.

In this itinerary, we emphasize the most original places tovisit in Deià, one of the areas where you will find the best routes and excursions to do in the Balearic Islands. We will start with the Monestir de Miramar in Son Marroig, here you will know the architectural details of this building, you can also enjoy the fantastic views of the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Although entrance to the monastery is paid, it is affordable for all budgets.

Then we will go down about 3km approximately to find the peninsula of Na Foradada . Here you can enjoy a swim in one of the most exotic coves of the island, having the feeling that you are in paradise.

We can’t leave without enjoying an incredible sunset. So for that we will climb to the top of the rock, and we will delight ourselves with a delicious gastronomic offer offered by the Restaurant Mirador Na Foradada.

If you are looking for new adventures, this is the plan for you. Go get some good shoes, a swimsuit and a good supply of food for the road, because this excursion from Son Marroig to Na Foradada will give you is waiting.

Son Marroig

ruta por son marroig
ruta son marroig

We will start our plan with a visit to the dome of Son Marroig: an iconic place where many lovers take the opportunity to say “yes, I do”.

To access this viewpoint, you have to enter through the museum next door, which is open only from Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm, and from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (closed on Sundays).

Admission to the museum is €4 for adults, €3 for groups of more than 20 people, and admission is free for children under 12.

With the entrance, you will have access to some small gardens, from which there are spectacular views.

Na Foradada

ruta cala sa foradada

Along the way, we will find the famous caves of Son Marroig and the charming viewpoints, which you will get to know one by one. However, we want to highlight the most important viewpoint of the entire tour.

Sa Foradada” or “Na Foradada” is located just at the foot of our route. Going down a little we find this amazing natural passage and its incredible cove, where we can enjoy a refreshing swim while we see above us the gigantic cliffs where the dome of Son Marroig is located. And enjoying the view and the turquoise color of its waters is totally worth it.

And if we are going to get interesting, the history of this place tells us that it was one of the favorite places of Archduke Ludwig Salvator, who had the first section of the road built in the middle of olive groves and with the view pointing towards the viewpoint of Na Foradada, in order to enjoy the best panoramic views of this natural beauty. So do not forget to bring a good camera and do not forget to take your cell phone well charged, because the photos you can take of this place are incredible.


Restaurant Mirador Na Foradada

mirador restaurante sa foradada

To take a well-deserved rest and enjoy the end of the tour we recommend the Restaurant Mirador Na Foradada . A unique balcony where you can spend a pleasant time, have a coffee, soda or beer, enjoy some delicious snacks, or dinner with the best sunset of the island.

Its food gives a very special touch to the variety of Mediterranean dishes it offers and can be a treat for the most demanding palates. A plan to enjoy with family, friends and even as a couple.

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