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12 excursions with children in Catalonia

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Are you thinking about what outings you can do with children in Catalonia? In Willy’s plan we are going to give you 12 options for different places to go with children in Catalonia3 destinations in each province.

1. Excursion to La Mola

A good excursion with children near Barcelona, is to visit the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt. Here we present a hiking route of low difficulty, great for children. It is a tour that can take between 5 to 6 hours, and we will visit the Montcau, the Cova Simanya and the Mola, the highest mountain in this park. Discover this excursion to La Mola that we propose you.

2. Cim d'Àligues

excursiones sant feliu de codines

At Willy’s plan we have prepared a a hiking route through Catalonia that you can be sure your children will enjoy.. The idea is to start the route from the Mirador del Perer, from where you can see Sant Miquel del Fai. After lunch you can go to Sant Feliu de Codines, a village where there is a center specialized in the study of eagles, owls, hawks… So, what are you waiting for?what to see in Catalonia with children? The shows will leave you spellbound!

3. From Gallifa to Mura

ruta por mura

At Willy’s plan we have designed an excursion for you excursion around Catalonia to do with the kids: consists of three pretty villages nearby, so the route is not of great difficulty. In addition, through this route you can discover one of the excursions to do in Mura, and know a little more if you want to know what to visit in Gallifa.

Gallifa is the first village to visit, from where you will enjoy breathtaking views. The road continues to Monistrol de Calders, where you can also take a break, but the real destination is Talamanca, with a lot to offer!

Finally, we have chosen Mura, a village in full contact with nature. It is an entertaining family activity in Catalonia. So grab your backpack and venture to discover the excursion from Gallifa to Mura that we propose you.

4. From the viewpoint of the Llac to Camping la Noguera

restaurant el mirador del llac

The first proposal in the province of Lleida is the following route from Sant Llorenç de Montgai to Camping la Noguera, where you can stay with your family.

Sant Llorenç de Montgai is a village of natural landscapes, which will fascinate the little ones, you can even do water activities in the Pantà del Sant Llorenç de Montgai.

The next stop is the Ermita Mare de Déu del Castell, at the top of the reservoir. Finally, the excursion ends at the aforementioned campsite, where numerous activities suitable for everyone are offered.

5. From the Parc de Mare de la Font to the Dolmen de la Llanera

Another place in Catalonia to make an excursion with children is Solsona. Is Solsona, and the route from the Parc de Mare de la Font to the Dolment de la Llanera is another of the options we propose.

The route starts at the Parc Mare de la Font where you can bathe in the waterfall and visit fountains and historical monuments. From here, we recommend you to go to the Castle of Solsona, known as Castellvellat to an altitude of 848 meters above sea level. Add it to the list of destinations, as the views are incredible.

This excursion ends at the Dolmen la Llanera, a prehistoric monument of more than 9 meters high. The kids will be amazed!

6. From Sant Llorenç Morunys to Santuari de Lord

excursion santuari del lord

This is a day trip through Solsona, Catalonia, with childrenSo we recommend you to take energy and venture to discover more corners of this region.

Sant Llorenç de Morunys is one of the villages of Catalonia with a better preserved natural environment, as well as having a great historical and cultural value, which is why it is where we will start our route.

Afterwards, we will go to Creu del Codó, a beautiful viewpoint; and from there, to the Santuari de Lord where you can only get there on foot. It’s worth it! Discover the Santuari de Lord route and start enjoying the area.

7. From la Foradada to Salt de Sallent

salt d'aigua la foradada

At Osona you can find one of the best gorgs at GironaLa Foradada in Cantonigrós. Because of the ease of access, it is a perfect destination for a family excursion in Catalonia. In addition, the children will thank you for that bath after the first part of the excursion.

Next, you can go to Rupit, a small village built on the side of rocky hills. On the outskirts of town, there is a road leading to the Salt de Sallent the waterfall highest waterfall in Catalonia (115 meters high).

This is one of the best excursions to do with children in Girona, because the trail follows the course of the river. If you want more information, click here to discover the route from Foradada to Salt de Sallent.

8. From Pont d'en Valentí to Gorg Blau de Sant Aniol Aguja

In Catalonia, we do not fall short with the grogs, here is an excursion that you can do to another of the pools most beautiful of Catalonia: the Gorg Blau between Oix and Montagut.

The route of the Pont d’en Valentí, starts in this same place, and from there you can walk to the Ermita de Sant Aniol Aguja, and after recovering the energy, you resume the path to the grog. Your water blue crystalline water will make you want to swim even more (and the little ones will want to repeat this ideal ideal route for them in this area of Catalonia: they will be fascinatedThey will be fascinated!).

9. Route through Cadaqués

escapada cadaques

We haven’t convinced you yet and you’re still asking yourself what to do with children in Catalonia? You may prefer something different…

We propose you some routes in Cadaqués, one of the villages with more charm of Catalonia. It is a easy excursion in this area of Catalonia for the children.It consists of a stroll through the rocky coves and through the Park Natural Park of Cap de Creus, full of hiking trails that will allow you to know the great biodiversity of the town.

So… where to gowhere to go with children in Catalonia? You already have the answer!

10. The 7 Gorgs

ruta 7 gorgs de campdevanol

A good plan to do with children in Catalonia is, without a doubt, the Route of the 7 Gorgs in Campdevànol, in the Ripollès region. This excursion is of low difficulty, so it is ideal to bring the little ones of the house. In summer, this excursion has a cost of 5€.

You will find a more detailed explanation of the gorgs you will meet in another Willy’s plan article.

11. From the Castell de Coll de Som to Punta de les Talàies

castell de coll de som

What other option do you have if you want to visit Catalonia with children? At Willy’s plan we give you the answer: start by visiting the ruins of the
Castell de Coll de Som.

From there you can see the Terres de l’Ebre: pass through the village of Miravet, on the back of the mountain, and stop at its castle; and end at Punta de les Talàlies, a natural space at the top of the mountain (there, the sunsets are like a movie). Discover here the route from Coll de Som castle to the tip of the talàies.

12. From Santuari de la Fontcalda to Cota 705 (Punta Alta)

ruta Santuari Fontcalda

If you are planning what to see in Terres de l’Ebre with the little ones of the house, we invite you to make this excursion.

We will start the route at the Fontcalda Sanctuary, right next to it there is a natural hot water pool. The next stop is the Ermita Santa María Magdalena, where you can rest with the family and recharge energy to continue the route. This little adventure ends at the Punta Alta viewpoint, where the Battle of the Biberón of the Spanish Civil War took place.

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