Excursion from Pont d’en Valentí to Gorg Blau de Sant Aniol Aguja

In this Willy’s plan we have decided to make a natural route through the Alta Garrotxa area, to be more precise in the surroundings of the municipality of Sant Aniol D’Aguja.

Here we will travel through the incredible forests in autumn in the area of deep Girona , passing through stone Ponts, visiting the occasional hermitage, and ending in a Gorg of transparent waters. Undoubtedly an incredible plan to do in Girona for a weekend. Do you feel like it?

In this Willy’s plan we have decided to make a
route from Pont d’en Valentí to Sant Aniol Aguja. All in order to show you one of the most beautiful regions of Catalonia and that you can know a little tourist town, but seductive. Welcome to Sant Aniol D’Aguja in the region of Alta Garrotxa

ruta gorg blau

We will start by driving about 15 km long, leaving the vehicle in the parking lot next to the campsite of Sardenes (on weekdays or holidays before 9am). The road is properly signposted, so there is no loss to reach our first place: the Pont d’en Valentí.

Passing the previous Pont, we find a fork, so it is indifferent which way we take because the route is circular. After a while walking and passing through areas of lush vegetation, we will pass by the Gomarell dam before finding our second place: the Hermitage of Sant Aniol Aguja.

After resting at the hermitage and recovering our strength with something to eat (which we recommend you to take with you), we will continue our way to the Gorg Blau and the Salto del Brull, where we will finish our route.

Pont d'en Valentí

Pont d’en Valentí

The Pont d’en Valentí is the gateway to our route through Sardenes. The most charming thing about this small medieval Pont with a single large arch is that it is made of small stone and is still in very good condition. It is also located on the Llierca River, one of the most important tributaries of the region.

The Pont d’en Valentí is surrounded by a lot of vegetation, is like a small hidden treasure and surely that is what most caught our attention of all the Ponts in the area, also according to its inhabitants is one of the most important, as it was built to allow access to the forest areas of the high Garrotxa and facilitated the routes between some villages at the time of construction.

Sant Aniol Aguja Hermitage

In this second place, we wanted to highlight all the charm of the Hermitage St. Aniol Aguja. As its name indicates, this ancient church of the year 859 reveres the saint that bears his name and in its time, was one of the most important Benedictine monasteries of Besalú.

This monastery was really small and its community was proportional to it, so it did not have enough resources for its maintenance. Over time it came under the control of the canons of the cathedral of Gerona, who took charge of it.

This construction remains in force, by the fervent devotion of the population and the vast majority of parishioners who come to him a large part of the year and of course we did not want you to miss all the charm of this small chapel.

Gorg Blau

excursion gorg blau

Believe it or not, during the whole route we have been bordering the stream of the Sant Aniol river, to finish right in Gorg Blau. In this place we will leave the car in the parking lot that is next to the camping of Sardenes and we will continue walking along the signposted path, which by the way has no loss.

The most incredible thing about this tour to Gorg Blau and the Brull waterfall, is that it is a very easy plan to do with the whole family, friends and can even be a very good option to escape as a couple. You will also enjoy the vegetation and the monuments that appear along the way, to finish a little cooler in the waters of this fountain.

If you dare to get here, it is important to wear clothes and especially hiking shoes, to be more comfortable, the rest is to enjoy this beautiful natural landscape, which offers this route through the Alta Garrotxa.

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