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Excursion from the Hermitage St. Martí del Corb to Puig Rodó Viewpoint

sant marti corb hermitage route

Today we present one of the best routes to do in La Garrotxa, specifically, we propose one of the many excursions to do in Olot. The latter is known for being a small medieval village, and of course in Willy’s Plan we have right next to it, which consists of the route that goes from the Ermita de Sant Martí del Corb to Puig Rodó viewpoint: a tour a must if you are spending a weekend in La Garrotxa.

In Willy’s Plan we propose this route where you will know three iconic places of this region, within the mythical Fageda d’en Jordà: the Sant Martí del Corb Hermitage, Sant Miquel del Corb Hermitage and the Puig Rodó viewpoint. One of the many outings that we recommend you to do if you are looking for routes and excursions in Catalonia. Although we must warn you, that this route in particular, we recommend you to do it rather in autumn. The reason is quite simple: the Fageda d’en Jordà is especially known for the time when the leaves fall and cover the landscape with that orange and reddish color. So, if you come during the months of September, October, November and December, you can enjoy the views and a unique environment.

Very close to Olot, there is an excursion that also involves all the charm of the landscape and the beauty of nature. A place to admire the environment and with unparalleled views: we are referring to the article where we talk about what to see in Castellfollit de la Roca and surroundings. A small village located on top of a cliff, where the houses are bounded by the cliff. Undoubtedly, a place to visit if we are looking for routes and excursions in the province of Girona.

To begin this tour, we will visit the famous hermitages of Olot: the Sant Martí del Corb Hermitage y the Sant Miquel del Corb Hermitage. Two small and fascinating churches that cross our path and flirt with their singular beauty.

After visiting them, we will finish by climbing to the top of the mountain to enjoy the best views of the Sierra del Corb, which only the Puig Rodó viewpoint can offer.

You should know that this route is ideal to do in a single morning or afternoon. The trail can be traveled on foot or by bike, thanks to the well signposted section. Likewise, it is a perfect outing to do on a weekend with children, or just as suitable if you are looking for a cheap relaxing getaway in Catalonia. However, if you really want to enjoy the environment, we recommend you to spend the whole day and bring as much energy as possible.

Sant Martí del Corb Chapel

ruta ermita sant marti corb
ruta ermita de sant marti del corb

The Sant Martí del Corb Hermitage is a beautiful Romanesque building. Although its size is very small, it is a perfect composition of steps, pilasters and a roof with two slopes and a belfry.

Surely you are wondering why visit a hermitage that is closed? Just so you know, this hermitage was of great importance for the harvesters of the area in times of drought, so they went in procession to this small church to pray and ask for the longed-for rain.

Although this building is closed, the interior can usually be seen from some of its windows and the charming fountain that accompanies it can be appreciated.

Sant Miquel del Corb Chapel

ruta ermita sant miquel corb
excursion ermita sant miquel del corb

Before arriving to this place we recommend you to visit the Masia L’Antiga . Since it is on the way, it would not be a bad idea to enjoy a typical dish and learn a little more about the importance of the farmhouses for the Catalan culture.

Now we go to the Ermita Sant Miquel del Corb . This small chapel is perfectly restored and is like something out of a fairy tale. This is because it is more hidden among nature and gives the feeling that it belongs to a fantastic place.

Like the previous chapel, this building retains all the charm of the Romanesque style and served as a religious point for the processions of the parishioners. Nowadays it is one of the favorite places for hikers, who decide to take excursions in the Garrotxa, since the paths are usually very nice and ideal for long walks in the middle of the forests.

Puig Rodó Viewpoint

puig rodó la garrotxa

After our visit to the hermitages of Olot, we arrived at the Mirador Puig Rodó . This spectacular place is located in the Sierra del Corb in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa and is one of the most amazing viewpoints that you can imagine. Here the circular panoramic view of the mountains, the volcanoes and the city of Olot is indescribable.

Puig Rodó rises 909 meters above the Corb mountain range and offers an extensive panoramic view of the territory. At the foot of the mountain, the hermitages of Sant Miquel and Sant Martí open the valley that, to the east, goes into the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa. You can also contemplate the Fageda d’en Jordà and about twenty volcanoes (in another article we told you about the best volcanoes in Catalonia). In the background, we can see the bay of Roses, while to the north, we contemplate, imposing, the city of Olot and the Montsacopa and, beyond, the Pyrenees.

To get to this place, we recommend you to bring hiking shoes, something to eat and enough to drink to stay hydrated, since the route will be walking and it will take some time.

This route is a real connection with the natural heritage of the Garrotxa, where we will discover the deciduous forests of the Sierra del Corb and enjoy the freshness of one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in Catalonia.

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