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Route from Torre des Moros to Codolar cove

In Willy’s plan we show you one of the most important destinations to visit in Girona province and of course a place you can not miss if you are on the Costa Brava. Join us in this adventure through the amazing town of Tossa de Mar. visiting its surroundings and enjoying a route full of history and fun.

In this route from Torre des Moros to Cala Codolar we propose you a summer plan, in an amazing city that combines beach with forest and medieval ruins with glamour… Today we are going to Tossa de Mar!

As always, at Willy’s plan we think of everything. That is why we recommend you to wear very comfortable clothes and pack your swimsuit, since we will be tourists all day long. By the way, don’t forget to bring a good camera, the pictures will be amazing. As for the rest, don’t worry, the fun is free and it won’t be long in coming.

Torre des Moros: from this 16th century tower, we can enjoy incredible views of the entire town of Tossa de Mar. Although it is not possible to access the interior of the fortification, it is possible to appreciate a large part of the building and learn about its history.

Castell Tossa de Mar: within the walls that make up the Castle of Tossa de Mar, we can enjoy the wonderful fortification, thanks to the fact that it is preserved in a very good condition. We will also take a leisurely stroll through the stone streets, have a snack on a terrace, and even take a break enjoying the wonderful views overlooking the sea.

Cala Codolar: Finally, we walk to Cala Codolar. A small but cozy beach with crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkeling and enjoying a refreshing swim at the end of our tour. In this place you can take out your sandwiches and enjoy an afternoon under the sun of Tossa de Mar.

Torre des Moros

Torre des Moros

La Torre des Moros was built in the sixteenth century in order to protect much of the Costa Brava of the invasions that ravaged the land at that time, so it is a very important historical site for the population and a place you should definitely visit if you are in Tossa de Mar.

Located at the top of the hill of Can Magí, near the village, “the tower of Can Magí” (as it is also called) does not allow us to know it inside, but it dazzles us with promising views of the old town of Vila Vella Tossa and the beautiful coasts of Tossa de Mar and is a privileged place with lots of nature.

Castell Tossa de Mar

excursion tossa de mar castell

The old town of Tossa de Mar is known as the “Vila Vella” and it is right here where the second place of our plan is located. As we said before, El Castell Tossa de Mar is accompanied by a parish church, the house of the Batlle de Sac or governor and a completely walled area that surrounds the whole place. In addition, the entire site can be visited freely and there are many guided tours that tell magnificent stories about this place and the importance of its architecture.

If we talk specifically about the castle, we can emphasize that it was declared a National Historic and Artistic Monument of Girona and today remains an important representation of medieval architecture. But the most important thing about this castle was its fortification that served as a shelter for centuries for its inhabitants. Undoubtedly a beautiful construction to visit during the afternoon of our route.

Codolar Cove

The Codolar Cove is a departure point for fishermen and is located right at the foot of the renowned Vila Vella. This place is a favorite for hiking trails and enjoying a day in the sun. For this reason it is usually crowded in summer and most of the year, but do not worry, despite being small it is very cozy and knows how to accommodate tourists.

That’s why in this Willy’s plan, we propose you to finish our route taking a well-deserved swim in one of the most paradisiacal beaches of the Costa Brava and if you dare, you can have a picnic at sunset so you don’t miss any detail of this charming place.

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