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The 5 best natural parks in Catalonia

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The natural diversity in Spain is fascinating and it is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of fauna and flora. Fortunately, a large part of this is concentrated in the nature reserves in Catalonia.

A region full of wonderful landscapes and wild riches, which throughout the year welcomes many tourists who go in search of adventures and hiking excursions in Catalonia in the open air.

We encourage you to get to know the natural parks of Catalonia. The following are some of the most spectacular ones we propose to you. At Willy’s Plan, we have prepared our top 5 favorites, so you can look no further.

1. Montseny Natural Park

parque natural del montseny

If you are looking for natural parks near BarcelonaMontseny Natural Park is a very good option. As one of the oldest parks in Catalonia, a certain importance is given to this natural garden.

But it is even more important to have three of the world’s most important ecosystems in one place: the Mediterranean, the Eurosiberian and the Boro-Alpine. Demonstrating more and more its natural richness and diversity to thousands of tourists who visit it every year.

Also, as a curious fact, did you know that the Montseny Natural Park was declared a UNESCO heritage site? It was in 1978, when its great contribution to the biodiversity and ecosystem of the region was recognized, for which it was named a “biosphere reserve”. What are you waiting for to visit the Montseny in Catalonia? Do not miss this enchanting natural spot.

2. Collserola Natural Park

parque natural de collserola

Another of the natural parks near Barcelonais the Collserola. Located in the heart of Barcelona, the Collserola Natural Park is the one that heads the second position in our top 5. The most charming thing about this natural reserve is the contrast between architecture and nature that can be glimpsed along the way.

Although somewhat deteriorated, you can still see buildings built by the ancient Iberian settlements, which preserve the historical and cultural value of most of Catalonia. These range from small hermitages or churches, castles, fortresses, to the famous Catalan farmhouses.

Collserola Park is also a place to meet with nature and give it the value it deserves. For its inhabitants, this natural park means having a great environmental privilege around them, and above all, one of the largest lungs in Catalonia. For this reason, they seek their preservation and sustainability. We encourage you to get to know one of the natural parks of Barcelona as well as all the routes and excursions around Barcelona that we tell you about on our website.

3. Illes Medes and Montgrí

islas medas

When we refer to natural parks, we are not always talking about places full of vegetation and mountains. There are also marine ecosystems that steal the limelight, such as the case of the natural park of Girona: “Illes Medes”. One of the routes and excursions in the province of Girona that is essential to carry out, if you are in the Costa Brava.

Undoubtedly, one of the most prized seabed in Spain and a favorite among divers, who come from all over the world to enjoy the depths of its incredible marine flora and fauna.

In addition, this privileged archipelago is comprised of several islets such as: Meda Gran, Meda Xica, Carall Bernat, Tascons Grossos, Tascons Petits, Medellot and Ferrenelles. A gift of nature for the Girona region, which brings us even closer to the wonders of the seabed.

As if that were not enough, this landscape is not satisfied with the immensity of the sea, so it also has a large massif that accompanies it from within the land: The Montgrí massif. This mountain extends over more than 2,300 hectares, most of which are over 300 meters high. It is an unprecedented landscape. In fact, in another article we talked about how to make the route to the Montgrí Castle. A fortress from which you can enjoy incredible views of the Costa Brava and its fabulous coastline.

4. Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa

From the depths of the sea to a volcanic adventure. Catalonia never ceases to surprise us. Let’s move on to our fourth and exotic place: the Natural Park of the volcanic area of the Garrotxa. This incredible park, comprising most of the volcanic area of CataloniaIt is home to more than 40 volcanic cones that invade a large part of the region of Girona and the Catalan Pyrenees.

Its beauty is both unusual and fearless. Being a volcanic area, its visit is an adventure and requires taking precautions. It is advisable to tour it with an authorized person, who can better show you everything you see.

Since there are so many volcanoes, it is possible that not all of them can be visited in the same day, so you can choose the ones that catch your attention the most. Leaving some pending is not a problem. The important thing is that you do not leave without getting to know the national park of Catalonia and enjoy its nature and environment.

To all this, we must highlight some traditional areas to visit every year in autumn, such as the Fageda d’en Jordà: An incredible expanse of trees that in autumn offers a spectacle that you will hardly find anywhere else in Catalonia. During this period, the fall of the leaves and their reddish color allow you to enjoy a unique natural environment. In fact, if you would like some tips, you can visit our hiking trails through La Garrotxa in which we offer you detailed information to visit incredible places such as the hermitage of Sant Martí del Corb, visit Castellfollit de la Roca or make the route to the Gorg Blau of Sant Aniol d’Aguja.

5. Parc Natural dels Ports or Ports of Tortosa-Beceite

It may not be the most named, but we assure you that the Parc Natural dels Ports or also known as “Ports of Tortosa and Beceite” or the Massís dels Ports, will fascinate you with its characteristic relief and nature. This natural area belongs to the list of natural parks of the province of Tarragona, and of course it could not be missing in ours.

The scenarios chosen for this natural park belong to the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Aragon and the Valencian Community. As you can see, one of the most extensive of our list, and of course the most captivating.

The Massís dels Ports, is developed by large rock formations, which hosts a large number of endangered species, so your visit is very protected and controlled. However, you can get there without any problem and enjoy a relaxing getaway in Catalonia that allows us to disconnect from everything.

If you want to include it in your list, we recommend these three starting points, where they can guide you and provide any information you want: Roquetes, La Sénia and Horta de Sant Joan. But do not stay with the desire, because the Natural Park of Els Ports awaits you, and all the routes through the province of Tarragona that we have prepared for you as well.

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