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Route in the Estany de Banyoles – Girona

Take a look at this route through the town of Banyoles and do not miss any detail of the places we are going to show you. These are really exclusive places to visit in Girona province for a weekend, and they are also part of Catalonia, one of our favorite destinations in Willy’s plan.

What we are going to propose below is the best plan you can do with your partner.

To enjoy this Willy’s plan through the town of Banyoles, we recommend you to take at least 2 days and include one night of accommodation. For day passes, you can bring some snacks and beverages; this will save some time in the search for food. And of course, don’t forget to bring a good camera to capture every moment.

The first place we propose is the unique “Mil Estrellas” lodging. Here you can choose among the 5 types of rooms offered, all of them special and with large doses of romanticism. However, we recommend you to book in advance, since it is such an exclusive place, it is usually in demand throughout the year.

The second stop will be at the Estany de Banyoles. This is considered the largest natural lake in the Catalan territory and no wonder. Its 2,150 meters long and 750 meters wide speak for themselves. There we will enjoy the Pesqueras, the favorite place for locals and tourists to spend the afternoon. And of course in Willy’s plan we have our favorite, the Pesquera Marimon; becoming the second place to visit on our route.

On the other side is the Torre del Rem and it is right here where we will enjoy the best sunset of the whole area and we will be fascinated by the prestigious views of the lake.

One Thousand Stars

alojamiento mil estrellas

A night at Mil Estrelles can be an unforgettable experience. The hotel is located on the outskirts of a quiet village called Cornellà de Terri, very close to Banyoles and is highly recommended for those who like to discover very authentic accommodations.

As they themselves describe it, to spend a night at the Mil Estrelles hotel “is to enjoy nature with a high level of comfort”. Here neither the ceilings nor the walls impede the enjoyment of nature and a dazzling starry night. Besides, intimacy is its main comfort, ideal for couples to enjoy life and love without any limitation.

If you wish to book at this place, don’t forget to ask about the different leisure and recreation offers available at the hotel’s facilities, you will be surprised with all there is to do in just one weekend.

Marimon Fishery

llac de banyoles

After a relaxing night, we will start our day’s excursion. We always like to start with what is most representative and that is that the Banyoles lake is not only the largest lake in Catalonia, also constitutes one of the most important environmental systems in Catalonia and is the most popular place for locals and tourists who decide to visit this region.

The ideal plan in this lake is to go fishing and it is incredible the amount of fishing boats that can be seen around the lake. Although initially their main function was for fishing, over time they became places of lodging and recreation for wealthy families.

On this occasion we mend the Marimon Fishery . This stands out as one of the most representative of Banyoles and one of the most beautiful, which of course you can not miss in its passage through this lake.

Rem Tower

And last, but not least, we will enjoy the beautiful views from the Rem Tower. This privileged viewpoint was built in 2004, the year in which the rowing championships were held in Banyoles. Since then, it has become a place of interest for the town and one of the most important viewpoints in the province of Girona.

Here we can take some incredible pictures, the overall views of the lake and part of the village, lend themselves to take the best memories of this place and what better way to end our route with a beautiful sunset.

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