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Route from the beach of Llafranc to the Far de Sant Sebastià

This time we are going to one of the most spectacular beaches of the Costa Brava. Costa Bravamore exactly in the Baix Empordà region.. This region is known for having the best beaches and excursions to do in Girona province in summer. Specifically, this time we will focus on a route through Llafranc, which you can not miss for anything in the world if you are near there.

Llafranc has only one beautiful beach, located at the foot of the mountain of Sant Sebastià, whose history is surrounded by fishermen and memories of sailors who lived for a long time in the area. Not to mention the architectural charm of its narrow streets and buildings.

Its promenade is very cozy, which invites you to take a walk under the shade of its trees, savor a snack or enjoy a nice sunny day at the edge of the beach.

Although the village of Llafranc barely exceeds 316 inhabitants, in summer the population grows because it is filled by many people from the city who have their second home in this small and charming village. And it is not for less, because even having a limited range of activities and entertainment venues, surely we can find everything we want from a fishing village on the Costa Brava (among other things, tranquility and good atmosphere).

The gastronomic offer you will find is very varied, but we advise you to try the typical Mediterranean dishes. Although if what you are looking for is to go out for a drink, we can do it in one of the terraces of the bars and restaurants that are near the sea, enjoying a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Undoubtedly this route that we propose that goes from the beach of Llafranc, to the Lighthouse of Sant Sebastià, is a good alternative to enjoy on your vacation if you have a free day and you would like to enjoy it with your partner or family.

This route goes from the beachof Llafranc, passing through the coastal path between Llafranc and Calella de Palafrugell, arriving at the point of Burricaires, and finally visiting the famous Far de Sant Sebastià: without a doubt, it is one of the best excursions in Catalonia that you cannot miss, if you are on the Costa Brava in summer.

The most beautiful bay of the Mediterranean at Llafranc beachwhere you can enjoy a good restaurant, leisure plans, and an encounter with history and architecture in the Far de San Sebastià (and the Iberian settlement that you will find next to it, which can be visited for free).. The small and charming rocky coves in the surrounding area attract couples and friends who want intimate moments. While the fun doesn’t stop for the more adventurous either, who will enjoy the typical coastal paths: paths that connect the villages along the beaches.

Llafranc Beach

We will start the tour parking in Llafranc, and enjoy the first half of the afternoon on its magnificent beach. It is very common that in the plans and routes along the Costa Brava, you will find as a recommendation many beaches and coves to visit or spend the day. An example of this are the famous Cala S’antiga or Cala Sa tuna, which we already talked about in another of the routes to do in Begur.

Llafranc has only one beach, and the town does not need more. It is a small and cozy town, with a charming promenade, with perfect restaurants to enjoy good seafood and the sea breeze right in front of the waves of the sea.

So, we suggest you to stick the parasol and the mat, and once we have had lunch, to enjoy the sun and the sand on the quiet beach of Llafranc.

Surrounded by nature and its clear blue waters, we can enjoy the first half of the afternoon as if we were in paradise.

Coastal road (Llafranc - Calella de Palafrugell)

pueblo de calella de palafrugell

If there’s one thing we love to enjoy, it’s a good walking tour. And it is precisely on the Costa Brava where you can appreciate the true connection between the sea and the town. Contrasts that are summarized in villages full of history and magic; in the middle of a must-see place with nature.

The camí de ronda from Llafranc to Calella de Palafrugell can take about 20 minutes (not long). The ideal is to start on the beach and work your way up gradually: if you arrive by car, we recommend that you park your car in this free parking of Llafranc. Then you only have to follow the street that goes to the coast, where you will find the road at the end of the same street. This route is on a dirt road, but this is not a problem to enjoy the tour. It is very likely that you will find some fishermen and one or another swimmer who decides to sunbathe on the rocks.

The most exotic thing we discovered on this tour was that we were surrounded by very tropical vegetation, not very typical of the region. As you go along you approach Calella de Palafrugell, a picturesque fishing village which seduces you with its small beaches, narrow streets, cozy white houses and a variety of restaurants and cafes that you can find in its hospitality offer.

Undoubtedly walking along this coastal path from Llafranc to Calella de Palafrugell, justifies the trip along the Costa Brava.

So, once arrived at Calella de Palafrugell, we will visit the Punta dels burricaires, a small viewpoint on the coast of Calella, which will allow us to see in perspective and with very good views, the entire beach of the town. Many tourists come to this beautiful viewpoint to take a picture with the town and the boats behind.

Sant Sebastià Lighthouse

far de sant sebastia - llafranc

Once we have visited the famous viewpoint of Calella, we will go back along the same path we have come, to see the sunset and have dinner in one of the mythical icons of Llafranc: El Far de Sant Sebastià.

Considered one of the most important lighthouses in the Mediterranean, the Far de san sebastián or “Far del primer orden”. It is located in one of the most charming architectural complexes of the Costa Brava known as the Conjunt Monumental de Sant Sebastiàguardianship. Right next to the lighthouse, there is an Iberian settlement where you can access free of charge to see the ruins of the buildings, as well as historical pieces, which highlight the importance of the culture of this area.

Built in the middle of the 19th century, this 12-meter high lighthouse is today one of the most important for the maritime and touristic affluence of the region. Without leaving aside the historical legacy it represents and its importance during the time of the conquest.

A good time to visit thefar de Sant Sebastià is in the late afternoon. It is at that moment where you will be able to enjoy one of the best sunsets you can imagine. So come to the viewpoint of Sant Sebastià which is located just at the entrance of the restaurant of the lighthouse itself, and enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean from its panoramic balcony.

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