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Hiking trails and excursions in Campdevánol

Surrounded by rivers and torrents is one of the most beautiful villages for a walk in Catalunya. Campdevánol belongs to the region of Ripollès. This town is considered one of the best destinations for hikers. What makes the vast majority of routes through Campdevánol have this sport as their main tourist attraction.

No doubt about it Campdevánol is among our favorite villages
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. A town full of charm, culture and a lot of religious tradition that you cannot miss.

What to do in Campdevánol?

excursion campdevanol

At Willy’s Plan we believe that these three excursions through excursions around Campdevánol, are not to be missed if you decide to visit one day.

The first and best known is to take a walk along the torrent of the hut and make the route of the 7 Gorgs. An ideal plan if you are looking for things to do with children in Campdevánol, besides being a plan that connects with the beautiful nature of this region, it is the perfect plan to have fun with the whole family.

Another of the routes through Campdevánol that you can not miss, is to walk along the banks of the Freser river. Enjoying a pleasant afternoon on the banks of this river can be a nice experience to share with family, friends or as a couple.

And of course one of the things to do in Campdevánol is to visit the monuments and Romanesque churches; places that are part of the culture and tradition of the Catalan culture.

What to see in Campdevánol and surroundings?

The churches are undoubtedly the main attraction to visit in Campdevánol. We name the ones that we consider the most important and that you can’t miss:

The parish of Sant Martí de Armàncies is very charming because it is surrounded by a very natural environment.

One of the excursions through Campdevánol most emblematic is to walk along the itinerary of of Sant Pere d’Aüira. Here you can visit the 4 churches that are part of this natural area.

If we go to the town center we find the parish church of Sant Cristòfol .A very important church to see in Campdevánol, as it was built in the late nineteenth century and reflects all the charm of Romanesque art, characteristic of the time of its construction .

For more information routes and excursions in Campdevánol, do not forget to visit our blog. Why at Willys plan, the fun never ends.

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