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Hiking Routes and Excursions in Peratallada

If we go to the municipality of Forallac in the Lower Empordàwe will find Peratallada. A town that still preserves intact the medieval tradition and charm and without a doubt one of the number one places in the world to visit.
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The excursions through Peratallada can be an unforgettable journey through time, it is like escaping back a few centuries and imagine in every corner what was the splendor of one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Catalonia.

What to do in Peratallada?

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Among the many things to do in Peratallada is to let yourself be carried away by its narrow streets and get lost among them. For that reason, Willy’s Plan has designed one of the best routes through Peratallada, where we try to rescue the best corners of this fascinating town.

By the way if you are looking for what to do with kids in Peratalladathis plan is the right one! So go on an adventure with the little ones of the house and take the opportunity to share a family plan!

What to see in Peratallada and surroundings?

Here are our recommended must-sees to visit in Peratallada:

The walled enclosure is one of the most important excursions in Peratallada most important. This place gathers the greatest architectural and monumental wealth of the whole town. A place that still preserves its rural structure with numerous stone arches and sculptures representative of the environment.

Within these routes through Peratallada and its old town is a castle palace built approximately in the year 1065, of which there is archaeological evidence that attributes its construction to the Romans. In the surroundings of the castle, its tower is still preserved and was rebuilt as a result of what once was its shelter.

If you are looking for a place to rest from this route, we recommend you the Plaza de Les Voltes. Here you will find an exquisite offer of restaurants and bars. It is also a place what to see in Peratallada as it is surrounded by medieval-style porticoes and is where you can learn more about how the locals enjoy themselves.

So don’t think about it any longer… Catalonia and Peratallada are waiting for you!

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