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Hiking Routes and Excursions in Beget

Beget… a very small town, but big in culture and tradition. To be honest, arriving in this small town in the region of Camprodonis a bit complicated.

But, at Willy’s Plan, nothing is impossible. That is why we look for the best alternatives and routes through Beget to encourage you to get to know one of the most beautiful and fascinating villages in Girona
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What to do in Beget?

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According to history, this small town has its origins in the Middle Ages and it is known that its main attraction at that time was its use as a parish. Church of Sant Cristòfol, an unavoidable place what to visit in BegetIt is considered an icon for this locality.

Other of the excursions around Beget The most popular are hiking trails and mountain biking. This makes it one of the most alternative plans in this town.

Among the things to do in Beget is to enjoy its gastronomy. Although there are not many options (understandable due to the size of the town) near the first of the two bridges there are small restaurants, which although not relatively inexpensive, offer a very good mix of traditional Catalan food, which is worth trying.

What to see in Beget and surroundings?

The routes in Beget are characterized by including the most important places of interest of this small town. On this occasion we will name the ones that we consider the most beautiful and that you cannot miss during your visit!

Christ majesty is one of the most baroque influenced churches in town. This architectural trend can be appreciated from beginning to end.

The clock tower is like going back in time and makes allegory to the importance that these monuments had at the time of their construction.

There are two magnificent medieval bridges in this village! Both cross the Llierca River from different points and are surrounded by houses and streets that still preserve their original appearance.

By the way this route is ideal if you are looking for things to do with kids in BegetSince it is such an authentic town, it will be like taking them to see the place of their favorite fairy tale and we are almost sure that they will enjoy this magical experience! As well as the whole family.

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