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The 10 best beaches in Catalonia

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The richness of the Catalan coastline hides some of the best beaches in Spain. That is why, in this summer season, in Willy’s Plan we analyze the terrain and we make you a selection of the best beaches in Catalonia.

Catalonia has beaches for all tastes and colors. Pebble or fine sand, hidden coves, exotic and wild beaches, with great vegetation, family and urban beaches a little more than half an hour by train from the center or quiet corners typical of fishermen that make up a postcard landscape. For hiking, swimming, sunbathing, water sports, going as a couple and having a┬árelaxing getaway in CataloniaÔÇŽ Discover the best Catalan beaches and choose the best option for you!

1.Sant Sebastià beach (Barcelona)

Mejores playas Catalu├▒a

The coast of Sitges, one of the most charismatic towns in Catalonia, is one of the most popular and crowded of the Catalan coast thanks to its cultural, gastronomic and nightlife offer. This area has some of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia, but we have chosen the most representative, Sant Sebastià, located next to La Fragata, between the old town and the marina of Sitges.

Nestled in a neighborhood of seafaring tradition, with availability of services and adapted for people with reduced mobility, is a frequented family beach with a length of about 200 meters of fine sand. From the beach you will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the old town, located on a small hill overlooking the Mediterranean.

2. Castell beach in Palam├│s (Girona)

There is a lot to do in Palam├│s, but right now the most desirable plan is to visit this beach in Catalonia.

Castell beach made the front pages of the newspapers during the 90’s, when the mobilizations of the neighbors of Palam├│s and a popular referendum made it possible to keep it free of urbanizations, being one of the few sandy areas that remain totally virgin of the Costa Brava. one of the few sandy beaches that remain completely unspoilt on the Costa Brava.

With a crescent shape, surrounded by forests and fields, and with the mouth of a stream right in the middle, this beach remains as our grandparents saw it. In addition, Castell beach is close to a number of archaeological remains of great value as the Iberian settlement, an important site dating from the sixth century BC. Therefore, this place, more than a beach, is a symbol, one of the most charming beaches in Catalonia.

3. Illa Roja Beach

cala sa tuna

The Illa Roja cove, located on the Costa Brava, between the north of the municipality of Begur and that of Pals, with about 180 meters long and 65 meters wide, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia. It can be accessed from Rac├│ beach, in Pals, or by the path taken from Sa Riera.

Located in an idyllic setting of rocks and pine trees, with a fairly steep slope at the entrance to the sea, it is characterized by a thick golden sand, a turquoise sea of clear waters and because it is dominated by a prominent rocky islet of a reddish color that gives it its name.

It is a nudist beach of international prestige, which is why it is occasionally frequented by foreign tourists. Its rugged environment and surrounding ravines contribute to its reputation as a small oasis hidden in the middle of nature. In addition to its tranquility to escape the crowds, it is a perfect place for snorkeling. If you are visiting this beach in Catalonia, do not hesitate to consult our
route from Begur to Cala Sa Tuna

4. Aigua Xelida Beach in Tamariu (Girona)

It is one of those magical coves that you find in the routes through the routes along the Costa Brava. It is located in the municipality of Tamariu, in Palafrugell, and is the arrival point of the coastal path that passes through pine forests and that starts at Cala Pedrosa.

With only 25 meters long and 12 meters wide, its dimensions are reduced, but not the beauty of the enclave: pine trees and rocks that reach the sea. You can enjoy a good swim like one of the most illustrious bathers of this cove, the famous writer and journalist Josep Pla, who popularized the place after the publication of Aigua de mar ( 1966).


At that time, this corner surrounded by nature, protected by the peaks of Banc and Esguard, was totally isolated. Only the locals had access to it through a dirt road, which favored that it remained virgin. Today you go down some stone stairs, but it is still wild in terms of services, with no beach bar or facilities nearby.

With flora and fauna in abundance and crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving, this beach in Catalonia is ideal for adventurers as well as for spending a day in the middle of nature and relaxation.

5. Montjoi Beach in Roses (Girona)

Mejores playas Catalu├▒a

This beach of dark sand and pebbles is located inside the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, from where you can see some of the best sunsets in Catalonia.

Of semi-urban character, it is located in a secluded area of great beauty, being one of the most familiar of the Costa Brava. In the water there is immediately a great difference in level that allows boats to approach the sand just a few meters away, offering postcard images.

Just a short distance from the beach there is a vacation town with multiple services and some of the best known dive sites of the Begur coastline. The cove is surrounded by mountains and nature and is quite closed, so the waters are calm but at the same time deep, ideal for kayaking.

The prestigious chef Ferran Adrià turned the Montjoi area into a world culinary reference, since right next to the beach is the former temple of gastronomy, the restaurant El Bulli. So you know, this beach in Catalonia is ideal for sports but also for a great binge.

6. Portitxol beach in Emp├║ries

Mejores playas Catalu├▒a

Located between l’Escala and Sant Mart├ş d’Emp├║ries, Portitxol beach is a beautiful sandy area with an incredible natural environment, surrounded by a pine forest that reaches almost to the sea.

In addition to its fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, the highlights of this place are its coves, a rocky area with strangely shaped stones to explore. These formations protect the Portitxol beach and create an area of calm and shallow waters, ideal for a getaway with children in Catalonia.

Opposite the beach is the Hotel Emp├║ries, a popular historic building dating back to the early s. XX and was built to house the archaeologists of the ruins. In this beach of Catalonia converge history, heritage and natural beauty, you can not miss it!

7. Cala Estreta in Palamós (Baix Empordà)

Estreta Cove is one of the most remote, sublime, exotic and exotic beaches in the world, with a high natural and scenic value. As its name indicates, this small natural beach in Catalonia is located in Palamós is a narrow cove, little more than 100 meters, and it is divided between the intense blue of the Sea Mediterranean Sea and an imposing rocky cliff of great dimensions called La Roja.

It is of coarse sand and shallow waters, so it adopts beautiful shades. The water is so clear and crystalline that this cove is perfect for snorkeling. Thanks to its intimacy and its complicated access, since it is necessary to walk through a spectacular path of land between pine trees from the beach of the Castell (a 20 to 30-minute walk).Estreta accepts nudism.

It is said to be the cove of which the people of the Baix Empordà region, in the north of Catalonia, are most proud. If you visit it, you will surely discover that
have reason to be.

8. Fonda cove or Waikiki beach (Tarragona)

mejores calas de catalu├▒a

With 200 meters long and 25 meters wide, Cala Fonda, known as Waikiki Beach, is one of the best preserved beaches on the coast of Tarragona and one of the best coves in Catalonia.

About 6 kilometers north of Tarragona, with a wild beauty well known by lovers of nudism, is located in the middle of the forest of the Marquesa, one of the areas of vegetation with greater ecological value in this area.

This small paradise of coarse sand surrounded by cliffs, pine forests and thick vegetation is practically untouched and not easily accessible, as it can only be reached through the forest or through the Roca Plana or La Mora beaches.

The lack of basic services such as bars, beach bars, bathrooms or other facilities makes this cove one of the most appreciated and special in the area for its tranquility and comfort, being one of the most paradisiacal beaches in Catalonia. If you like this place, you should have a look at our
routes through Tarragona

9. Les Casetes del Garraf beach in Barcelona

Mejores playas Catalu├▒a

Located in the urban center of Garraf and only half an hour from Barcelona, we find this well-known beach of 380 meters long, fine sand, giant stones and very little inclination of entrance to the sea.

In summer, it is usually crowded and perhaps not the best option to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, but we include it in the list for its peculiarity and family atmosphere. Les Casetes del Garraf was once a small seafaring neighborhood and is a beach known and named for the huts that surround it. These picturesque white and green wooden huts are the old huts that fishermen used to store their utensils and take shelter from the sun. During the Spanish Civil War they suffered some damage and had to be remodeled. Today, these houses are an emblem of the Garraf and an important heritage of Barcelona. Do not hesitate to consult our hiking trails and excursions in the Garraf!

10. Fangar Beach (Ebro Delta)

Mejores playas Catalu├▒a

At the end of the Ebro delta there is an immense tongue of sand, a real desert with dunes that narrows and curves until it encloses a saltwater lake, an inland sea known as Playa del Fangar.

This beach, of semi-desert and virgin aspect, is one of the most unique places of the Ebre Delta and one of the most beautiful natural areas of Tarragona, where time has crystallized. Its golden sand has a very fine texture and in contact with the water forms a very compact mass that could explain the name of the place.

These dunes are the best preserved in Catalonia and have a great ecological value due to the fauna that inhabits them. However, the most emblematic of the area is the Fangar lighthouse, located in the middle of nowhere and embedded in the sand. A most photogenic place where you can not miss a good dip and also one of the quietest beaches in Catalonia. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat, as it’s important to keep your head covered during the hot months and the wind blows hard ­čśë.

If you liked our compilation with the best beaches in Catalonia and you want to know other magical places and corners of this region, do not hesitate to consult the routes and excursions in Catalonia that we organize in Willy’s Plan.

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