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The 18 best medieval villages in Catalonia

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Do you want to know which are the most beautiful medieval towns and cities in Catalonia? Below we have made a unique selection of different places to visit, so that you do not miss any of them if your passion is the Middle Ages and medieval Catalonia.

And after seeing each of these beautiful places (where you will see images of each place and its relevant location), we have left you at the end of all that is, for us, the most beautiful medieval village in Catalonia.


pueblos bonitos tarragona

This beautiful medieval village, populated since prehistoric times, is part of the Cistercian Gothic route and preserves one of the most important walled enclosures in Catalonia..

The Wall of Montblanc, is formed by a set of towers, walls and gates that surround the historic center of the town, ideal for a weekend getaway with children in Catalonia.
weekend getaway with children in Catalonia.
. It is said that in its medieval streets Sant Jordi killed the dragon to rescue the princess.

Another highly recommended excursion is a visit to the cave paintings of Montblanc, or the Monastery of Poblet: one of the largest monasteries in Europe.

Every year, during the month of April, on the occasion of the Medieval Week of Sant Jordi in Montblanc, you can also enjoy its medieval market, one of the most authentic in Catalonia. You’ll think you’ve traveled back to the Middle Ages for real!


ruta por mura

In the heart of Bages is Mura, an iconic and tiny village perfect to escape from overcrowding. The perfect state of preservation of its houses and medieval streets, we can find for example the farmhouse of El Puig de la Balma, where it was filmed
Pa Negre,
as well as the hermitage of Sant Antoni or the church of Sant Martí.

In addition, the area is surrounded by places to explore, with some of the best waterfalls and waterfalls in Catalonia.
some of the best waterfalls and waterfalls of Catalonia
such as the Font de l’Era or the Gorg del Pare.

This medieval Catalan village is not only perfect for lovers of medieval architecture, but also of gastronomy, bringing with it the best of Catalan cuisine at a very good price.

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excursion tavertet

If you are still on the road in Catalonia, and you are looking forward to more adventures and surprises, we continue our trip and make a stop in Tavertet.

Tavertet, in the Osona region, with just over 100 inhabitants, is one of the most charming medieval villages in the area. Located in the middle of Les Guilleries and the Collsacabra mountain range, it enjoys breathtaking views, being considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.
the best viewpoints in Catalonia

The town itself is not to be missed either, due to the good preservation of its streets and buildings from the XVII and XVIII centuries. In fact, its old town has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, where you can highlight the Church of Sant Cristofol, built in the eleventh century. This mythical village is perfect to make one of our
mountain routes in Barcelona

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Rupit i Pruit

ruta por rupit

Located in the region of Osona, we find another medieval village that has us in love, whose history dates back to the ninth century.

Despite having little more than 250 inhabitants, Rupit is famous for its stone houses, its suspension bridge and its incredible natural environment. On weekends and during the summer, it is full of tourists eager to enjoy culture, nature and good food.

For hiking lovers, less than an hour walk from the center of town, we find the waterfall of Sallent: the highest waterfall in Catalonia, with 100 meters of vertical drop. Strolling through its historic center will take you back to the Middle Ages.

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ruta talamanca

If we talk about charming villages in Catalonia, you should not miss Talamanca, a picturesque medieval village full of history and culture.

Most of the surrounding mountains were used for the cultivation of vineyards in times of splendor of wine production in the region of Bages, for which the population achieved great economic prosperity.

We recommend a walk through its streets and stone houses, its castle and visit Las Siete Tinas, the Ojos del Llobregat or the Chapel of Santa Magdalena.

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Siurana de Prades

pueblos bonitos tarragona

We continue our route through the medieval villages of Catalonia, and this time we take a break in Siurana de Prades.

Siurana, in Priorat, besides being one of the best viewpoints of the peninsula, is considered one of the most beautiful medieval villages not only in Catalonia, but in Spain. With spectacular views, mountains and its reservoir, it is an ideal place for sports lovers. If you like exercising outdoors, do not hesitate to consult our post where we talk to you about the
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Siurana was a town of great importance in the time of the Saracens. So much so that it became the last stronghold of Al-Andalus in Catalan territory conquered between 1153 and 1154. The Salto de la Reina Mora is the cliff where, according to legend, Abdelazia’s horse tried to stop by sticking its hooves before plunging into the void. Today, the animal’s horseshoe mark can be seen in the rock.

Castellar de N'Hug

Located in the region of
Castellar de N’Hug, which in the 19th century became a famous village inhabited by smugglers, is another of the most beautiful medieval villages in Catalonia.

You can enjoy its spectacular scenery from the viewpoint, admiring the unique way in which its medieval and Romanesque buildings blend with the rocks of the mountains. The whisper of its waterfalls in places like Les Fonts del Llobregat and its environment of lush green vegetation, will transport you to a fairytale landscape. In addition, this village is famous for making the best handmade sausages and cooking giant croissants of more than 1 kg.

What are you waiting for to get your boots on?

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pueblos bonitos tarragona

Perched on a rock on the banks of the Ebro River, is the village of Miravet. Miravet.

During the Battle of the Ebro, the bloodiest and longest of the battles of the Spanish Civil War, the, Miravet represented a strategic position, being one of the points where the popular army crossed the Ebro at the beginning of the offensive.

You can stroll through the streets of Cap de la Vila, visit the Vella Church, look out from the spectacular viewpoint of Plaça Sanaqueta, canoe down the Ebro River or Pas de la Barca, and above all visit the village during the Festa de la Cirera i dels Canterers, where you can taste cherry varieties, showcocking, cherry liqueur tasting, a popular paellada, dancing and even a cherry stone throwing contest. Don’t miss it!


excursion manresa

This is, undoubtedly, one of the medieval cities of Catalonia that preserves one of the most fascinating artistic and historical heritages, together with a remarkable modernist architecture, highlighting a unique gastronomy, which makes Manresa a perfect
relaxing weekend getaway in Catalonia.

You have to discover the modernist Manresa, the stained glass windows of the beautiful Gothic Seu, the cave of San Ignacio, the Jesuit Escorial, the Parc de la Sèquia, Carrer del Balç… You also have to cross the classic Old Bridge, which although it was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, it was rebuilt imitating the first one, which was a great example of Romanesque architecture of the time. However, be careful when crossing the bridge because according to legends, under the bridge there are devils who cast a spell on everyone who passes by.

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Tossa de Mar

excursiones por berga

This medieval village is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Brava, and a selection that is part of the countless Catalan coastal towns.

The success of this place is due to its exceptional Mediterranean climate, which allows you to enjoy a large number of sunny days most of the year, making it one of the best medieval villages
of Girona

One of the most typical routes in Tossa de Mar, is to stroll through its medieval streets, between narrow alleys paved in stone and numerous houses, which recreate what the town was in its splendor during the Middle Ages.

Nor can you miss the Sa Roqueta neighborhood, the traditional fishermen’s neighborhood where the best entertainment, bars and restaurants are concentrated, where you can share an incredible evening with family, friends or partner.

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cala aiguablava en begur

This small village of Baix Ampordà of just over 4,000 inhabitants (which in summer reaches 20,000), is a real gem with a deep gastronomic and historical personality reflected in every house, every street and corner.

In addition to the medieval castle, you have the Indian houses, the 16th century defense towers, the Gothic church dedicated to San Pedro, the Cultural Casino or the Old Schools.

The Costa Brava breathes tranquility, invites to rest, and is the perfect place to relax also in one of its beaches or coves: one of the best known, the Cala Sa tuna.

Its small houses in the middle of narrow streets, still retain the charm of the old fishing port and stunning sea views, which undoubtedly make it a perfect place on the Costa Brava to disconnect.

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pueblo de besalú

Besalú, which was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1966, is another Catalan village that you can not miss, unmistakable by its bridge that gives the main entrance to the historic center.

Just arriving and crossing an impressive bridge of the eleventh century takes you back to that time, where it is inevitable to stay throughout the visit to the village, as the wall of Portalet, the Monastery of Sant Pere, the Gothic hall of the Royal Curia, the Casa de Cornellà and the church of Sant Vicenç, make it very difficult for you to leave.

In addition, in the Jewish quarter is the Miqvé; one of only two Jewish ritual bath sites that have been discovered in Spain, making it a unique experience guaranteed.


If you are on a route through the medieval villages of Girona, you can not miss the one we present below.

This small medieval village became popular thanks to its appearance in the movie Eight Catalan surnames. Despite having gone unnoticed for many years, all its corners are able to transport us to the Middle Ages, such as the porticoes of the Plaza Mayor, its streets, the remains of the old wall and the Church of San Ginés.

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puente del pueblo de campordon

The first thing that will catch your attention is the 12th century medieval bridge (Puente Nuevo) that crosses over the Ter river, although you also have the Monastery of Sant Pere (originally from the 10th century), the Parish Church of Santa Maria and the Isaac Albeniz Museum… since it is the town of the renowned composer.

In addition, the town stands out for its sausage, so you can not leave the town without tasting it.

Santa Pau

Continuing with this route of medieval villages of Catalonia, we landed in Santa Pau; a small town that has a lot of history, not only medieval, but also of volcanoes. And the fact is that in the surroundings of this town, it is the only area where one can find
volcanoes in Catalonia

And if you have not wanted to miss the extraordinary
route or guided excursion in the Fageda d’en Jordà
You must also visit Santa Pau. Located in the Natural Park of the Garrotxa, an area with
the best volcanoes of Catalonia
It is one of the 3 villages that delimits this volcanic area, together with Olot and Les Preses.

You have to visit the Castle (built between the 13th and 14th centuries), surrounded by the medieval walled quarter, the Church of Santa Maria, the Romanesque Church of Sant Vicenç and the Monastery of Sant Julià del Mont. Known not only for its impressive landscapes, but also for its gastronomy; Els Fesols de Santa Pau. A variety of beans very characteristic of this town.

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pueblo de cervera

Located in the region of Segarra, Cervera is a town that exudes a great medieval character. A historical legacy that prevails over time, and the main tourist attraction of this town.

Among the highlights of this small town are the old university and the church of Santa Maria, which is surrounded by an ancient castle. In addition, nearby you can visit protected areas such as the Bosque De Las Comas De Rubío, or the Parque Natural Del Alto Pirineo.


poble de guimerà - lleida

In the middle of an urban network of narrow and labyrinthine streets, we highlight the medieval village of Guimerà; known as one of the most beautiful villages of Lleida.
one of the most beautiful villages of Lleida and, undoubtedly
and, undoubtedly, an obligatory stop in the Urgell region, considered a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

Its valuable architectural heritage stands out. A majestic 11th century fortress, the church of Santa Maria, the Sanctuary of Bovera, the Chapel of San Esteban, the Convent of Vallsanta, the old castle and the unique walled streets. A place that evokes medieval times from beginning to end.

Which is the most beautiful medieval village in Catalonia?


ruta peratallada

If you have browsed a little bit through our website, you will have seen that we have thousands of excursions, but… none like the one we make a stop in Peratallada.

This medieval Catalan village, located about 20 minutes from Monells, is for us, without a doubt, the most beautiful medieval village in Catalonia.

With an area of almost 22 km 2, about 500 inhabitants and belonging to the province of Girona, we have in front of us one of the best preserved medieval nuclei of the whole Catalan territory.

So much so that it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site for the incredible preservation of its walls, the castle of Peratallada dating from the tenth century (to which later grew the entire population around it, its old town …).

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