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The 5 best caves to visit in Catalonia

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If we stick to the old saying… “beauty is on the inside”, we are more likely to experience great new experiences. And that is precisely what we are looking for at Willy’s Plan. On this occasion we have chosen the best caves in Catalonia worth visiting, with a very special guest: they are Kiwihopp. A web platform where you will find all the information about how to study, work and travel to New Zealand managed by great lovers of the Islands, who will guide you through the whole process.

To do this, we will see all the similarities that Catalonia has with New Zealand, but this time we will do it in a very special way: this time we will visit the caves that hide both geographical areas.

The other nature is often hidden in hidden landscapes and exuberant beauties that can emerge from the depths. From erosion of water or lava flows, to depressions in rocky terrain, these natural cavities can be formed, which throughout history have been used by man for shelter. Places that serve as protection against nature and possible predators.

Today, the caves are a tourist attraction par excellence in the routes through Catalonia. Routes through Catalonia, even more so when they preserve great stories and describe, over the years, experiences of a culture and its inhabitants. And of course, our blog could not be the exception. Here you have a tour of the most spectacular ones caves of Catalonia.

1. Salnitre Caves or Montserrat Caves

cuevas del salnitre

The Salnitre Caves are right in the heart of the mountain of Montserrat and are about 35 meters high, 60 meters long and its temperature ranges between 14 degrees most of the year.

What motivates us the most to show you these magnificent caves caves of Cataloniais the true story that lies in its depths. Legend has it… that Mansuet, a well-known guerrilla fighter from Collbató, who fought against the French army at the beginning of the 19th century, used these caves as a shelter and took in hundreds of villagers who were fleeing from the invading soldiers.

If you dare to visit these caves caves near BarcelonaWe recommend you to arrive in the town of Collbató and start the route right there. Experience a tour through one of the most emblematic and extraordinary natural jewels of Catalan culture.

Likewise, if we could compare this cave with any cave that even slightly resembles those found in New Zealand, it would be the Waitomo Caves.

These caves are a very common tourist attraction for visitors who come to the island to spend a few days, due to the spectacular environment offered by the hundreds of fireflies that inhabit the cave.

These small animals make this place a special place, characterized by its blue light and the festival of lights that they offer to all those curious who come to visit the caves.

Admission is free, although once there, you can also rent a small boat service to visit these living creatures from the water.

2. Manel Cave

“The red cave” as it is known, is part of the natural attraction of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac, in the province of Barcelona. This cave was recognized as one of the natural caves in this extensive park around 1899. Today it is one of the main tourist attractions of the natural complex.

Its route is more than 800 meters long, reaching drops of up to 64 meters deep. Undoubtedly the favorite place for caving enthusiasts and many tourists who come to it every year, thanks to its easy access and its proximity to the city of Barcelona.

And as we have done in the previous point, we have also looked for a similarity to some of the caves that can be found in New Zealand: in this case we go to the Tongariro forest (a southern forest located in the Tongariro National Park, specifically in the hills of Mount Ruapehu) to visit the incredible and lush Okupata caves.

These caves are a natural network of unmarked subway passages, which it is advisable to enter only with people who know them well, as it is easy to get lost among its passages and deviations.

To do this, you have up to 6 routes to enjoy this natural wonder: routes for the disabled, easy, intermediate and expert routes.

3. The salt mines of Cardona

Among the caves to visit in CataloniaThere is no doubt that the salt mines of Cardona are a must-see tourist attraction that you can not miss.

Beyond the tourist attraction of this natural wonder, there is the importance of these mines for the region, since throughout history their exploitation has been a source of work for most of its inhabitants.

In addition, the salt mines of Cardona  are our recommended in Willy’s Plan, if you are looking for caves in Catalonia to go with children. Its route is easy to follow, and the guided tours are perfect to enlighten the little ones about these incredible natural depressions. Enjoy a family day in this spectacular destination.

From a mine in Catalonia, we go to a mine located in New Zealand, called Karangahake Gorge Mine. These mines, now abandoned, still retain all the charm that makes them special. It is important to note that the area of Karangahake is known for the gold mining that took place from the mid-fourteenth century (1852), and the mines of which can be visited today completely free of charge.

4. Caves of Benifallet

This is perhaps the largest set of caves in Catalonia. This is due to the fact that this speleological complex has six caves, of which only two can be accessed for security reasons. However, it is a place you must visit.

The Cova Meravelles and Cova del Dos are perfect for a day of hiking and adventure. They are caves with more than 500 meters to walk through, easy to visit and where you will find amazing and fascinating rock formations inside.

To get to these amazing caves of Catalonia, you must move to the province of Tarragona, just to the town that bears the same name and take a guided tour that can be recommended in the village.

And if we have seen any resemblance to these caves to those we can find in New Zealand, those have been the caves of Rawhiti:

This cave is a must-see, as it has possibly the most diverse and extensive flora and fauna of all the caves that can be found in New Zealand.

Hence, due to this flora, you can appreciate the stalactites that are born on the roof, growing towards the sunlight.

The route from the beginning to the end is approximately one hour, and it is not advisable under any circumstances to access it after heavy rains, as it is an area prone to flooding, and crossing in these conditions can be really dangerous.

5. The mines of Gavà

Last but not least, we arrived in Gavà and its amazing archaeological park, close to the city of Barcelona. The Coves de Gavàare the perfect plan to discover one of the oldest prehistoric mines in Europe and to enter one of the most important historical centers of the region.

Also, if you are looking for caves in Catalonia to go with children, this plan is great for the little ones of the house. More than 6,000 years old, this interactive and educational complex brings together the largest number of prehistoric elements of the Catalan Iberian complex, compiling much of the history and religious legacy that marked the region for years.

As a curious fact, ask about the Venus of Gavà and discover the incredible story behind this anthropomorphic figure, which was found by historians and today is the greatest emblem of this precinct.

And keeping in mind these large entrances inside these mines or caves, we move on to the last caves of New Zealand, which with large entrances on the seashore, are equally or more impressive than the prehistoric mines of Gavá:

They are called Cathedral Caves Walk, we find them in the south of the island, and they are another tourist attraction that you can not miss if you are in the area.

Located in Waipati beach, we find these caves of 30 meters high and 200 meters long between the two caves, which will surely leave you with your mouth open.

These unique passages have been formed naturally by the constant erosion of the sea, and thanks to this thousands of tourists can enjoy their visit and come to take them out to be framed.

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