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Free Walking Tours in Barcelona

Are you looking for free tours in Barcelona to make the most of your stay in the city?

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, you are probably already looking for the best places to visit. A good option to see all the emblematic points of the city, without wasting too much time, is by means of the free tours in Barcelona.

These are free of charge, with a guide, that will show you all the secrets that the Catalan capital hides and that you didn’t know yet. We present you some of the best free walking tours in Barcelona, so you can book the one that best fits what you were looking for.

Free Welcome Tour BCN

2 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour of Park Güell

1 hour // Spanish 🇪

Modernist & Gaudí Free Tour

2:30 - 3hs // Spanish 🇪🇸

Free tour of the Raval

2 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour of the Born

2 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour - Spanish Civil War

2 hours // English 🇬🇧

Free tour - Roman Barcelona

2 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour - Illustrious women

2 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour - Forbidden Barcelona

2 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour - Gothic Quarter

2:30 hours // Spanish 🇪

Free tour for singles

2 hours // Spanish 🇪🇸

What is a free tour?

The concept of free tours is becoming more and more fashionable and visiting any city with a guide will allow you to get to know the essence of each place. you to know the essence of each place and the mysteries hidden in each of its streets.

A free tour could be defined as a guided tour of the city with a local guide and free of charge. They usually last about 2 hours, although you can find free guided tours of Barcelona with different durations.

These free walking tours are designed to walk through the city, the main streets, the most emblematic buildings, the most curious parks, the historic center, etc. and all with the help of a professional who will explain to you the curiosities of the city. professional who will explain the curiosities at each of the stops.

At the end of each tour, the customer is the one who chooses the price you think the route you have just received will cost. In this way, the guides will be paid according to the quality of their explanations and how enjoyable they make the experience.

What Free Tour to do in Barcelona?

As you have seen above, there are many free guided tours in Barcelona and available to book at the moment you decide the dates of your trip to Barcelona.

If this is the first time you visit the Catalan capital, we recommend you to choose the free welcome tour to Barcelona: the Free Welcome Tour BCN. During your visit, the guide will show you the most important monuments of the city that you cannot miss the first time you visit it.

The Parc Güell hides many secrets and mysteries that Barcelona’s most famous architect left behind. Thanks to this free tour of Barcelona in Spanish, you will be able to get into the 1900’s and discover how the city was valued. Antoni Gaudí nature and how he saw the world through his art.

Once you get to know the great artist who gave his character to the city of Barcelona, you will surely want to go a little deeper through the Modernist & Gaudí Free Tour. This is one of the best free tours in Barcelona where you can see the most important buildings built at the time of the greatest architectural explosion.

If you are one of those who enjoy knowing the history of each of the places you walk through, the Free tour of the Raval will explain the beginnings of the city. In it you can see the mixture of cultures that inhabited the city, through its streets, its emblematic buildings and some other works of art.

The same will happen with the Free tour of the Bornwhere you will find, almost without looking for it, some of the most imposing churches in Barcelona. This is a good place to find good tapas bars or to go out that night for a good drink. You can always ask your guide to recommend you the best.

Finally, if you need to get away from the noise of the city and breathe some fresh air, we recommend you to book the Free tour of the Horta Labyrinth. It is the first public park that the city had and currently houses a labyrinth, which is likely to take you a while to get out of.

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